Hello there this is Rudy in this video I am going to show you an easy way to mine bitcoins
Most of you are hearing about bitcoins nowadays because of its increasing in acceptance and due to the increase in value
If you don’t know about Bitcoin
There is a link in the description use that and see what is Bitcoin and how to use it
Before going in detail about Bitcoin mining let’s look on its his background a little bit
unlike conventional
Currency Bitcoin do not physically exist so creating new Bitcoin is not like printing
conventional currency
It should be mined using computational power
in the beginning times mining can be done mostly using CPU then as the competition increases and GPU
Mining was introduced which was faster and profitable at that time
Make CPU mining outdated and unprofitable and as the difficulty increased due to several factors
Nowadays GPU mining is also not profitable anymore
Right now the profitable Bitcoin mining can be done using a ASIC miners
Which is an integrated circuit dedicated for Bitcoin mining?
Making a ASIC miner and maintaining is not practical to all because it require a lot of technical knowledge time and space
As soon as the GPU mining died usually the people’s who want to get into mining
Bitcoins didn’t get a change to make profit from mining in this video. I am going to explain about cloud mining
Which anyone can start with a little investment starts as two dollars and make good profit?
Cloud mining is the process of Bitcoin mining utilizing a remote data center with asic miners
This type of cloud mining enables users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware
The mining rigs are hosted and maintained in a facility owned by mining company
And we can simply register and purchase mining powers
Please note that there are a lot of cloud mining scams be wise and not to be cheated, but today
I am going to show you how you can mined bitcoin from a legit cloud mining provider
Which I am using and get several payouts till now and make good profit
Please note that this video do not contain any paid contents all the opinion is based on only my experience
see description for details
So this is the site I am talking about hashFlare.io a service from a reputed asic miner
manufacturer hash coins
The link to this website is there in the description
You can register on the website using your basic info then you can purchase
mining power for any of the listed coins at their price
I will prefer to mine Bitcoin because it is easy to cash out and due to its wide acceptance
One thing I like about hashflare is their payment options you can use bitcoin credit cards debit cards
payeer or even wire transfer another thing
I like about them is the payout the payout is almost instant and
The minimum payout varies depending the current status of Bitcoin network
when the video mas making it was
0.05 Bitcoin
There is another feature in this cloud mining service that is usually not found with other cloud miners
That is selecting mining pool
You can select which mining pool your power should go and improve your profit hashflare offers a good support
But nowadays they are taking a long time to respond
The security of this site is awesome making it almost no room for hackers
bought Bitcoin mining power for $40 on this site a year ago until now I got more that
$300 back from it it
Was profitable for me, so if you were looking for any cloud mining they’re looking to invest in bitcoins
I will definitely recommend you to check with this site
There are a lot of sites look like hash Flare.io use the link in the description and not to be cheated
After making enough profit I start reinvesting earned money, and now I hold a good amount of hashing power
Hope that this information is useful to you if you are looking to make investment in Bitcoin
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