The rise of cryptocurrencies in the recent 5 years has been nothing short of meteoric.
The total capitalization of the crypto markets now exceeds $750 billion and by 2025 can surpass $5 trillion.
Still, the vast majority of the world’s governments, their executive and financial institutions,
cannot agree on a single definition of crypto
on the principles of evaluating the potential of crypto assets and its use cases.
Only a handful of countries have demonstrated the ability to leverage cryptocurrencies for everyday life.
To date, most of the crypto owners worldwide cannot maximize the value of their crypto assets.
Now is the time to integrate crypto assets with the regular wallets for solving everyday tasks
to establish payments and purchases
avoiding disagreements and misunderstandings with regulators.
Thanks to the new eCoinomic digital platform
2018 will be marked as the year
that helped bridge the gap between fiat and crypto currencies markets.
The innovative system operates through the use of eCoinomic tokens
and aims to provide its users with:
fiat loans secured by the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies
smart-contract regulation for short-term investments
mechanism of hedging the exchange rate risks
collateral management, transactions, online payments
and more!
The first eCoinomic step towards integrating fiat money and cryptocurrency
is the service of secured lending.
You will appreciate its advantages
Transfer speed
Exchange rate monitoring system
Secured deposit
And transparency of the transactions
Its alpha version will be presented after the Pre-Sale
You can find more details about the project on our website
eCoinomic: hedge crypto – get money!