Hi, This is Loren Weisman and this is the
podcast video supplement for episode 92 of Wait What Really OK. Did you know cryptocurrency and the blockchain
go much further, much farther and much well beyond the ideas of people trading, pushing
MLM’s and pressuring bitcoin and bitcoin like style cryptocurrencies. It does. Blockchain is much bigger than that. The blockchain is a secure system. It is a public ledger that cannot be altered. There are people out there that are saying,
“well, I heard this blockchain was altered and this happened…” It wasn’t the blockchain. It was something trying to be a blockchain. Before you go buying into the hype, before
you, before you subscribe to these memes where people are “oh gosh you bought in… you
didn’t buy in at this point, do you know how much money you’d have if you bought
into bitcoin at this point? A lot of this is passive aggressive. I even kind of got… went back and forth
with this one guy who’s like “I’m giving them tough love.” You are giving them tough love by insulting
them. That’s not tough love, that’s not encouragement. You’re telling people they are stupid because
they haven’t invested in bitcoin, or they haven’t invested in an MLM to trade, and
more so, because they haven’t invested with you. The stupid thing inside of all of this is,
to a lot of people, cryptocurrency, the blockchain, it all has come down and been limited to this
volatile investment system. It is much greater, it is much bigger and
it is much better than that. This week we talked about the blockchain,
and we talked about cryptocurrency and the advantages, on a much larger scale. Not on some kind of MLM down chain thing. But, securing transactions, securing contracts. Making agreements that cannot be altered on
somebodies server or lost, or a piece of paper being burned or whatnot. Something that can change and bring a greater
validity, bring a greater authority. Bring truth. Yes, for the people that want to keep scamming
and scamming on different transactions. However for those that want to see better
detail, proof, validity, backup, due diligence, double checking. In this peer to peer system, you cannot alter
a contract, you can not alter a transaction. One person tries to do it on one computer,
even if somebody tries to do it on another computer, the other computers in the peer
network will not allow for it. This is a beautiful thing. Look more into it. Look into the validity of blockchain, beyond
some MLM thing. Look into the validity of cryptocurrency beyond
just trading. This is a global game changer. Take a look.