hey guys have you ever thought about creating finished patches using just your embroidery machine but didn’t know it was possible well today i’m gonna show you how i created this patch and attached it using just my embroidery machine and a couple other materials So before We get started i just want to remind you guys that if you have any questions or comments at all throughout the video to leave A comment below and we will get back to you with an answer and i also wanted To say a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far if you’re new here Welcome if you haven’t subscribed yet go ahead and click the subscribe button now and also want to remind you guys to turn on your Notifications so just click on the bell icon and then that’ll let you know what we have posted a new video? Alright so now let’s get back to talking about patches so the traditional way to create patches is by embroidering the patch and then using am arrowing machine to create a nice clean sealed edge also you will also need a sewing machine to attach the patch onto the garment now of course some of us only have an embroidery machine we don’t have this the other technology so you can still do it with your embroidery machine and just a couple other materials and that’s what this video is gonna be all about Alright so i have laid out the materials that we’re gonna be using to create our patches so now let’s quickly go over what they are i have my size c hoop i Have my scissors and my snips for cleanup i have temporary adhesive spray two sheets of aqua top topping which is also called saul v or water just any water soluble stabilizer i’m using two sheets because this is a medium weight you can also use one sheet of a heavyweight water soluble stabilizer and then we have one piece of twill and one piece of cutaway this is a medium weight cutaway and then we have a little piece of paper for our ironing because we will be ironing on our patches and Then i have my heat and bond adhesive That’s gonna help iron-on patch onto our garment all right so i’m gonna get started by taking my piece of? twill and my piece of cutaway stabilizer and i’m going to layer the twill over the cutaway and hope it together it’s turning it over to verify that all sides of the hoop are tight and it has Been hooked tightly and that All areas of the backing cover the hoop all right so now that i have my piece of twill and cutaway hoop i’m just gonna Turn over to the machine and it’s gonna do its thing All right so here i have my patch design ready we’re going, to stitch out the entire spatch and then we’re going To stop it right before the final satin stitch that’s gonna tack it down and then we’re going. To show you the next step All right so i finished stitching out my patch and as you can see i don’t have the final satin stitch the tack down stitch stitched out just yet so First thing i’m gonna do is i’m going to unhook my design and i’m going to cut it out and Be sure not, to cut on the stitches because you don’t want them to unravel We’re still gonna put this back in the machine one more time so the satin stitch will cover up any Pieces of fabric that are still showing it’s better to have some piece of fabric so showing Then to cut your threads, so you just cut very close to it but don’t cut your dread Putting aside my scraps and now i have my cut piece of? patch material and Now, i’m going, to hoop my two sheets of aqua top stabilizer together Okay, so now i’m gonna grab my hoop with my water-soluble stabilizer and i’m going to put it in the machine and we’re going to Do the final tack down stitch on this hoop with the water-soluble stabilizer Because that’s gonna help create a clean sealed edge so let’s bring it over to the machine again so you can see how it’s done So i’m i turn the same exact design back to the origin so we’re going to start off again where we started with a running stitch now this is gonna help mark the placement So i can know where to place my patch so it can do the final tag down stitch So something i forgot, to mention earlier at this point in the process you’re going To want To set your machine on automatic manual so we can stop immediately after the first running stitch if it’s not an automatic manual that’s fine you can leave it on automatic But then you’re just gonna have to monitor the machine and make sure that it stops immediately after the first color stop Next i’m going to spray some temporary adhesive spray on to the back of my patch Be mindful when you’re spraying, to just spray lightly because this is a aqua top so and you’re also going To be using heat so you want, to you don’t want to get that Adhesive to get all sticky So let’s offset our frame and now we’re gonna place the patch directly onto the hoop right where the running stitch is marked all right so now that we have that placed directly where the running stitch is don’t forget to put your frame back in All right so now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna fast-forward through the color stops because remember i did i’m using the same design so i started off with my running stitch so now i want to fast-forward through the fill stitch and the b so i’m just gonna go ahead and fast forward using my panel So i’m gonna click on this option until it gets me this icon that says add and Then i’m going, to touch this icon right here that has an arrow pointing, to the right and that’s going to fast forward through each stop So here you see it went through, the first and The next and the next And the next so let’s go back to Right here that’s where we want to start where our attack down stitches so now we’re ready to go ahead and press start All right so as you can see i have my completed patch now i’m just going to unhook it and it will pop right out next up you should do some cleaning if you have any excess thread just go ahead and carefully cut it out and now i want to remind you guys, to take off the aqua top topping backing in this instance And we use two sheets so remember to take both out because you don’t want this to melt when it’s under heat So the backing is removed now we’re gonna go on to applying the iron-on adhesive So i’m gonna take my sheet of heat and bond you can see there is a papery side and then when you peel it There’s going to be like a film? so there are a couple ways of applying this it really just depends on how fast you want to get it done there’s one way that you can Apply it and it can be ready to go for your customers to attach on anything with an iron and then there’s another way if You’re gonna do this yourself that you can apply it much faster on to whatever garment so i’m going To show you the way that you can apply it onto any garment first off you’re gonna want to cut To size and it’s okay if you cut a little bit inside because you want it just to be slightly smaller So try cutting just a tiny bit inside already You want it to be slightly smaller so that it doesn’t show Through your garment on the other side so let’s do a quick test and see if that’s okay and just, clean up any edges that you think will go over Alright so now that we have it cut out one way you can do it is to peel it off and place it right above your garment and then place your patch and then face a piece of paper this is heat resistant so you can go ahead and put your iron on it and just Heat, set it in that’s one way you can do it if you’re just going to Do it yourself and not send it already made to a customer so i want To show you now a way that you can send it Already made to your customer so if you want to send it already made to your customer this is good if you have like an etsy or if you have customers who are going to attach their own patch you want to send it pre-made you just want them to be able to just iron it right on alright so basically what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna lay the patch with the back side up and We’re going to get this piece of? Heat, and bond and the part where there’s paper you’re gonna want it to face you so you want that little shiny part the film to face the patch and now i’m just gonna go over again with paper cuz i don’t want to ruin this shirt that i’m working on and this is literally just the exact same paper that the heat and bond came with so you can keep it and reuse it So i’m just gonna press There’s no need to move it around All right so we’re gonna apply the heat to it for a little bit let’s check on it and that looks like it Adhered so be careful because it’s hot so now just let it cool a little bit and that’s gonna do the final setting into the Patch so i like this method this is the the correct method of doing it and i like to smelt it a little bit better Than just laying it on like this and then putting the paper because like this if you put the paper over and you’re applying heat then you can ruin your stitches and also like the glue that you separated he civ glue that you used my melt and kind of show through so i think this is the best way of doing it and you can combine this method That i showed you and then just go over once more with the iron which is basically what your customers would be doing if you send it to them like this with this Sticker already in the back so you would send it to them so if you were sending this To your customer you would send it to them like this and then just send like instructions or a video on how to Put it onto your garment okay so once it cools down you Should be able to just peel it off and then the film would have adhered to the patch so let’s see how that turned out Great, so i’m able to just peel it right off and this is just the paint for now and if you look closely the film Is adhered to the patch so now i’m going To go ahead and put it on over the garment so this is what your customers would be doing if you send it to them like this ready-made So i’m just going to place it and i’m facing it sideways like this because that’s how the bitcoin patches so that looks good and now we’re gonna take our little piece of paper and your customer Can use this paper if you want to send it to them if you want to send it to them a larger little piece that would also be helpful but they can use just basically any heat resistant paper as well i’ve seen some people also send to their customers just a circle already cut out of there of this of the heater bond and then they just give instructions Do the stuff that i just previously did but i think it’s better to set it to them like this already mean alright so now let’s put our paper on top and this will be the final step And again there’s no need to move around just press this patch looks ready to go so You want to let it cool just for a little bit before you start tugging on it because if it’s hot it’ll still move around so just let it cool for a little while Alright so after i’ve let it cool as you can see? it’s not coming off, so and i’m pulling on it pretty significantly so this is our final shirt the bitcoin shirt ready to wear so why do you want to create patches one because you can sell them to customers to customize their own thing or you might want to get into areas that you can’t get into it the regular hoop now for this of course with this shirt you can get in with the Regular hoop but let’s say you were doing sleeves that you couldn’t get into unless you had an anal one and then patches are a really good alternative So this is another way to do it if you’re not sending it to customers i’m going To show you that way you’re just gonna basically layer all the materials on top So here we have the heat and bond i already took, off the sticker and then i just have the? little film right here so it doesn’t matter really what side you use you can just grab your patch your heating ball and layer your shirt your heating bond and your patch And you can do this also with applique material then any fabric you want adhere fabric to another piece of fabric lay your paper on top and set it with heat alright so i just wanted to show you guys that you can also do it this way it’s kind of faster if you’re doing it for yourself and you’re not sending it to customers and you can also just send it to your customers like with The piece of? and then they can just do it like this to so basically whatever you think works best for you but yeah those are the two methods that you can get your patches on curtain with your embroidery machine onto your finished garments All right so here we have our finished bitcoin patch adhered on to this t-shirt So go ahead and let us know in the comments if you guys are into bitcoin if you know what it is or if you Have absolutely no idea what it is or what it’s all about I’m gonna do why so if you can relate just leave us a comment below but you know if you know anything about it let us know Alright so with that being said if you like this video please make sure to hit the thumbs up button below And to subscribe to our channel and i also want to take the time to invite you guys To our facebook community it’s called embroidery and custom apparel mastery and you can go ahead and click join i have linked the group below and basically you just go in there you can ask any questions try it with me chat with thousands of other embroiders they have really great tips for you and also if you have your own great Tips to share then go in there and give your best advice alright so i’ll see you guys there thanks for watching