Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, Tezos, Vechain,
Nano do not increase Omisego. Today this video is totally for you. It doesn’t matter what coins you buy or sell. Today, we will try to solve a problem that
we have a big problem with, and we will make a very different classification in buy and
sell business. Because I see that some friends, yes, I emphasize
that when buying and selling, he is very upset and worried about the things he cannot control. Yes, there is no lie with this video today,
we will store some morale. I’m sure he’il touch you from the edge. If you bought teas and coffees, let’s start
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my videos and 4- Write at least 1 but preferably plenty of comments. Now, my friends, in this video, I’m going
to divide all crypto money buy and sell jobs, including Bitcoin, into two groups, with and
without your permission. In the world of buy and sell, we are going
to look at what materials we have and which of these materials we can control, which ones
we cannot, while we are not trying to make money before we lose money. As I said at the beginning, we should not
feel sorry for things we cannot control, if what we cannot control makes us sad, we have
not actually done as much as we need to control. Yeah, we can check this out when we buy and
sell. You can check your risk. Remember, taking risks is free, but there
may be a solid return or lump sum of the results. The risk you take should be reasonable. You can put this risk into a very simple mathematical
process. Set yourself at 3 different levels of risk,
small, medium and large. Small, 10%, Medium 25%, large 50% corresponds
to the risks. If you open a trade with 10% of your total
portfolio, this is a small risk for you, a 25% trade is a medium risk. A 50% transaction is also a big risk. These risks, by the way, these percentages
vary from person to person. You will know it, but promise to yourself. I will only take one big risk once, one medium
risk twice, one small risk five times, or only one small risk 10 times a month. Did I tell you? Categorize your risks, do not go into the
head, unknown risks. This can also protect you from taking some
quick coins with someone else gassing. You can control your risk first in the buy
and sell world. Second, you can check your purchase price. In order not to get bitcoin from the fast-paced
figures, for example, you can do yourself a check similar to the first item. How much do you think Bitcoin is now worth
$ 7,000? I have Bitcoin in my hand, if it doesn’t fall,
I’ll profit or reduce my loss, but if it does, I won’t take it until it falls at least 10%. You promise yourself and you can take it in
staircase, in other parts, gradually. Directly all at once because when we get all
the money we usually hear these stories. Either I bought it, fell as soon as I got
it, or I wish I had waited a little longer. Or if you’ve sold the last bitcoin, you can
believe it or jumped out like a rocket 5 minutes after selling. Here you can avoid such sorrow in gradual
trading. Still, these are not investment advice. There is always the possibility of profit
or loss. Third, I just mentioned a little bit about
your check-out price. You can barely control how much you can sell
Bitcoin or whatever subcoin you have. The last thing we do is panic, fellas. I’m aware that we don’t panic because we said
don’t panic, but if you bury the money in your hand in bitcoin, altcoin, and I know
it from there before, it makes you panic. What if I lose all my money, it’s fearing. So if you enter for less money, it can be
better especially at the learning stage at first. Here’s what I’m going to come to, you don’t
have to panic to sell it to the number you expect for sale. If you panic, you can sell it directly, you
can buy it and then you can regret it. The fourth point is that you can control your
position size. We already mentioned that. Fifth, you decide what you can buy and sell. Don’t go and buy coins with the people. Look at the Telegram group I read yesterday
not too old. Here someone says he and some others like
him had BAT token left, everyone left in reverse. No, he didn’t leave you backwards. You let me stay in reverse. It is important that you take the risk of
someone else’s mind, but do not trade your own mind. Of course, it also needs time, research, analysis
need to be. Or if you’re going to get someone else’s recommended
coin, know whoever he is, he’s not from the future. Hence Yes, you can save a lot, but I can continue
to keep saying. If it is another item that you can check when
you buy or sell, that is the sixth item, how often you can buy and sell. Brother do not have to buy and sell every
day. I’m just saying this on the floor. We need to know how to wait for the right
time. It can be such a reflex in the body when you
buy and sell constantly. I’m going to say something very sincere today. I’ve never even been a buy or sell for a month. Yeah, a month. I didn’t want to open a new position. I thought it would be better for the people
to wait. I waited. My friends, we can control these six items
in the buy and sell world. All we can control, we need to check to the
bottom. What if we thought we couldn’t control it? Now let them come. First; Price movements. Let’s give an example of Bitcoin. You cannot control the price movement of Bitcoin. So you just check the stuff I just mentioned
and leave the rest. The price will always fall and rise. What is important is that you do what you
do. Latter; market – oriented news. You went, for example, recently you’ve taken
Matic to increase the beautiful. There was a news that he fell or rose. You can’t check that news. This is insider trading if you know in advance,
and in most places this is not welcome. Therefore, you should always write this unpredictable
market news point about the risk I said at the beginning of the video. Third, you cannot control the orientation
of the market. Even if you control your emotions to some
extent, you cannot control the emotions of the entire market, other buyers and sellers
or even market makers, and the market sells or buys a coin. Here you can not control them. Do not worry in vain in a movement of these
three items, all you can do is to recognize these risks and act accordingly. If you do that and that risk occurs, at least
you’re confident, I know it in a solid way, you say you’re in charge. There is also the issue of marginal transactions,
for example. Leveraged transactions seem to gain a lot
of money, especially for new entrants to the market in general, but think of margin transactions
as anything. Think like a world where you live fast. Everything can be very fast, earnings can
be very fast, and loss can be very fast. But technically, margin transactions yes,
with less capital, you can make large volume transactions. But, my friends, if you are new to buy and
sell and if you are planning to start trading, I recommend that you first absorb the issues
I’ve just told you before the margin and go through that road first. Perhaps the most important point in these
margin transactions is the ratio of the margin. Too high margin rates I would not recommend
highly. This ratio is what you say, for example, a
margin of 10 to 1 means that the transaction of 1000 pounds to open a position of 10,000
pounds. Well, what do you think of the plus of this
margin, my friends, first of all wrong strategies, according to the market to stay in reverse
or something can cause serious damage let me tell you from the beginning. But for example, if you ask what’s the plus,
you bought 1000 pounds of Bitcoin for example and Bitcoin increased by 10%. In such a case, you earn 100 pounds. However, when you open a transaction of 1000
pounds and 10,000 pounds in a margin of 1: 10, in the same scenario, your gain may be
1000 pounds instead of 100 pounds in an increase of 10%. Because you opened a transaction of 1,000
pounds and 10,000 pounds. 10% of this is worth 1,000 pounds. See the correct use of leverage ratio alone
is very important. This is the point where you can control the
leverage ratio in margin transactions. Do not open without knowing the margin operations,
you need to learn first. If you want to find out, it’s no joke, first
you have to try it with very small numbers, maybe 1% of your total portfolio and 2%, if
you want to increase the gear slowly. As I said, these are areas you can control. When you get behind the wheel of the car,
you can shift into 5 and try to lift the car. The car drowns. You shift into first gear and take it out
slowly. Oh, I’m telling you here because this is the
margin you’re going to get somewhere. Remember, earnings can be fast and loss can
be fast. In the meantime, let me talk about this as
a sponsored place, but certainly not enter or do not enter without giving investment
advice. I’ve been trying Snapex for a while, testing
it. Have a look at the link below if you want. At Snapex, not only is there a margin, you
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in the meantime, but I’ll tell you that annoyance. If you want to try it, try very small amounts,
as I said, please take this stimulus into account. To use, you must first have an approved account
r and there are also 8 coins in the meantime, and they are all in the Tether ie USDT parity. For example, I have Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP,
Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. These coins can be traded. There is also the Turkish language and also
doing private work as well Snapex Turkey. For example, they organized a meeting in Altcointurk,
they told Snapex. In the meantime, you can do certain tasks
in Snapex and earn from Snap, the platform’s own coin. For example, they give 300 Snap to everyone
who is a member, add an e-mail address, 300 snap, confirm account 600 snap, invite 3 friends
600 snap, join Snapex’s community 500 snaps according to their information. When you collect 10,000 snap, you can also
convert 10,000 coins to 100 USDT. As in every stock exchange, Snapex also needs
to open the extra security we call 2FA. On the other hand, when you want to deposit
coins, you can deposit USDT or Bitcoin. USDT is a coin traded in two chains. Both the Omni chain and the Ethereum ERC20
chain. You can send USDT to Snapex in both chains,
they say they provide full support. In the meantime, if we go back to the margin,
Snapex says we have added the change margin feature so that users can better control their
risk and potential profits. When you add an exchange margin to a trade,
you can reduce the margin rate and expand options such as take profit, stop loss. Either the goal is to reduce risks as much
as possible and try to profit in a minimal way. When we open long short positions, not to
be in the opposite of the market. By the way, if you want long and short, let’s
explain briefly what these are. Long position on the name of the long position
and that the coin opens with the expectation that whatever it will rise and I always give
examples of this margin issues. Going to buy Bitcoin from any Turkish stock
exchange is also a long position because no one buys Bitcoin thinking that it will fall,
thinking it will rise. That’s the long position, fellas. There is also a short position. This opens with the expectation that any coin
will fall. For example, at Snapex, I opened a short position
at Bitcoin. That’s exactly what it means. I think Bitcoin will fall. So I sold Bitcoin, which I didn’t actually
have. I thought the price would take it again and
put it in place. The difference will be my wife. When I was talking about ready margins, Snapex,
I wanted to explain this long and short position. But as I said, my friends do not give investment
advice in any way. Snapex or anywhere, especially in the margin,
the key point is to get into this business with very small money and very small margin
rates. You really don’t miss it, someone comes out
or I make a lot of margin at work. In the normal stock market earnings less,
come to the margin and you do not know what you have in your hands without knowing the
margin if you hit the very very high probability that you can get out of business harmful. I’m
not saying don’t use it, I can’t say it’s an investment instrument. Someone comes and trades, and
these stock markets are standing, aren’t they? Even new ones are opening up. So we need
to know the truth and then decide. And for example, I think that the minimum
transaction value should be $ 5 at Snapex. Nice brother. If you want to start the margin, for example,
try with $ 5. Let’s see if it’s going to be $ 5, $ 10-15,
or $ 1-2. Still, you know. I am not giving investment advice. As I said, look at the link below, if you
want to try or at least get the idea. Now let’s move on to today’s bonus information
and then do our Ledger lottery. In the meantime, if you want the video has
been long today, let’s read the comments and questions from you in the next section. Today’s bonus information is as follows. A design student in Sweden has designed a
world flag with the support of Nasa, saying that space science is not
a national issue of America, but an issue of interest
to the whole world. Now, let’s move on to the Ledger sweepstake.