Hello, I’m Bitjin. I want you to focus on the video today’s video.
There are a lot of people who have had a hard time because of the change. So I watched these people and made this video.
What you have to do when investing in bitcoin Let me explain why I have to keep it. I’ve always emphasized, Once again, I made a video to emphasize to subscribers
I’ve organized it in four ways. Let me explain one by one. First, you can never profit without losing money.
As long as you invest in the lowest price At the highest price, short, how many times do you think there will be a trading probability?
It really can’t be. It’s very unlikely, so am I.
This means After you have a position, there is always a time to lose money.
Nevertheless, you do not consider We trade in anticipation of the highest price and the lowest price
For example, if you bought a long here In the end, after losing money, there are many benefits.
But usually you have a position like this If investors lose money, most investors sell it at this price.
So how do we get over this? Once you start trading, don’t think that the price you enter is the lowest or highest price. You will have a term to lose after taking position. You can afford the damage
Leverage must be selected. If you lose this money with a stoploss If it’s not hard to live, you can trade, but you can’t always look at the charts If you avoid friends and get irritated, you should definitely reduce leverage and money. Always beginners think the price I buy is bottom The price is not at all the lowest.
It is unlikely that you will buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price. Everyone, don’t have hope. Suppose you always lose money in an investment, set an amount you can afford to lose You need to choose leverage
Second, establish a rule The rule is that I upload a trading method to YouTube.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. FFor example, when you reach $ 10000, you buy Stoploss $9000, If you had the rule of selling for $ 12000 Here is $ 12000 and here is $ 9000. Where to buy Sell here, buy here, sell here, have a second profit,
Buy here, have a third profit here. I bought it here, had a stoploss
If you had a second stoploss, Three profits of $ 200 and two losses of $ 100. If so, the overall profit margin is very high. This rule is not difficult.
In addition, if day chart 3 consecutive black body is made,
We sell when three consecutive White Body is made We will set a stoploss when Bitcoin drops 5%. Buy 3 consecutive black bodies and 3 consecutive white bodies and sell Buy here, Sell here, Buy again here Sell here Sell here, Buy here, Sell here, Sell here, buy here, sell here, Buy here, Sell here, Buy here, Sell here,
It’s a simple rule, but if you traded this way You can make a lot of money.
rule don’t have to be hard Simple rules are powerful. Anyone can look at the charts to establish rules. With chart information that can see the past
Making a profit is what everyone can do Nevertheless, the reason why you fail trading is not to establish a rule. Because we don’t follow the rule.
This is not really difficult You think, ‘I don’t have that ability.’
So you follow someone’s signals You can’t trust others and invest your money If your friend says, ‘friend, I’ll lend you $ 10000 and I’ll make you $ 20000 and give it to you’ Can you believe it?
Following someone’s signals is like this. Believing in another person It is more difficult than following the rules you set. So you lose money. Even if it’s not always a profitable rule You can set rules that ultimately benefit from repeating profits and losses! Third, before you have a position, set a stoploss first! Most beginners do not consider stoploss. You don’t enter a stoploss after you have set a position even if you set it. Once you set a stoploss, it should be run. If you are at an exchange just set a stoploss, Without input When the stoploss price approaches, it is often not possible to run. And some people cancel the stoploss In the end, the price that investors sell in real time is the highest fear price. Then you have really big damage. The stoploss is difficult to run in real time. And bitmex and bybit, because the limit sale receives a fee, You think stoploss is a waste of paying fees using the market. But investors who always use the limit The probability of having a forced liquidation is very high. You need to use limits when you need them, but you also need a market. Don’t waste market fees If you don’t set a stoploss before taking a position, Profit is small and losses are big. Fourth, no high leverage
Of course you all know High leverage can have a lot of benefits, but the last is forced liquidation. I’ll do a high leverage this time and not next time.
It’s impossible. In particular, if you benefit from high leverage, you will continue to use high leverage.
If you invested with 1btc If you get 2btc with high leverage of 1btc, 2btc can also make 4btc. 4btc becomes 8btc. 8btc can be 16btc.
But it can always be 0btc 2btc goes to zero, or 4 btc goes to zero,
8btc becomes zero or One day you will lose all your money. It is okay to increase slowly, but at once
Being 2btc and being 4btc There is a problem.
This trading leaves nothing in the end. Damage is a process you must go through while trading. Forced liquidation is not a process you must go through while investing.
Because forced liquidation is a loss of opportunity to invest Do not use high leverage!
First, you can never profit without losing money. Second, set a rule
Third, make sure you set a stoploss before you have a position Fourth, high leverage prohibition. If you follow these four principles, you can make a profit. Don’t invest if you’re not confident in keeping these four things.
Invest when you can keep these four Be careful because the current bitcoin market is difficult I heard that many people have lost their money this time. Be sure to trade these in mind And next week, the application will be released bybit, Cross leverage is also added.
I do not recommend cross leverage. But since it’s in bitmex, there are likely investors that need it In November, the world Bitcoin trading competition will be held at bybit. I will be number one in the world competition just as our team did first in the Korean competition. Although not yet released If you join bybit now and have only 0.05btc, you will be able to receive a lot of gift money. I will also give events to subscribers. If I receive a prize, that prize will be given to the participants. And this time I decided To help you with your trading I will show you my position and stream live. I want to show you what I do as a rule
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