Welcome to Cycle Baba’s Channel Greetings My friends we are heading towards Glasgow this is the time to say Bye Bye to all these lovely people. he has packed me food for my journey. people will come and go … memories and relations stays we are now at Milton king’s Bus station for next 10 hrs i will be in bus. 3 W are very famous in england.. WEATHER WORK WOMAN they can change anytime in england this is mobile charging Box .. Charge for 30 Min mobile charging is 1.5 pound 2 pound for 1 hour bus is in burmingham and halt is for 30 min i am having food given by DELHI BOYE the bus will go non stop for next 6 hrs this halt is at restaurant ” DHABA” for 20 minutes charging point for electric cars the awkward thing about buses is that you can’t stay in bus during the halt its very cold out here there are two type of buses in UK. 1. National Express 2. Mega Bus Mega Buses are very cheap if pre booked. on some routes Mega Buses are not available so you must go with National Express buses are very cheap as compared with trains and flights. if you book mega bus a month before your travel it will cost 1 pound for 500 Miles. lets take you to the bus tour its 8 in night and i am in perth right now tomorrow i have to start peddling i am in the home and packing my stuff as tomorrow i have to leave today Gill Sahab got his payment he told me that the scottish currency differs from bank to bank each single bank has their own currency scotland currency is “sterling” ROyal Bank of scotland note clydes Bank Bank of scotland Note royal bank of scotland english Pound i came for only one night but staying here from a week i already introduced you the childrens my stuff is packed time to say bye bye to brother it was great time with you cycle baba so we are heading towards glasgow bad climate and 55 miles to ride so we are in gurudwara right now. its very late here