Yeah, nah, so like, like our
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iCutter’s got you covered man
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Oh shit!
Oh yeah
Fly-out day motherfuckers!
Back her up for luck…
Can you work today?
Yeah, nah, I’m flying out today
Yeah, I’m gonna need you on site
Site Manager’s coming to check out our job and you’re
the only one VOC’d on the tipper
I don’t know Dan, I’m kinda
I hope you can ’cause I just cancelled your flights
Just do another week and I’ll give you a paid RDO
You can get fuck-eyed in the wet mess and spend the day choking ya chook. Right up your alley.
Yeah, that does sound good
Will you pass a breatho?
Breatho? Yeah…
Beautiful. I’m parked at the end of the breezeway.
Ah, fuck
Yeah, tell me about it. This fucker’s like honeymoon herpes
turns up at the worst possible time.
Righto, leaving now
Fuck off!
You can drive.
Yeah, I really probably shouldn’t
Bushy. Yeah, we can come get ya.
G’day Bones. What happened Bushy?
Truck’s fucked.
Meant to show Bones here the new route to Mining and she’s leaking more air than a hungover arsehole.
Speaking of arseholes, aren’t you meant to be flying out this morning Deep Fried?
You know you’ve got a third, fourth and fifth gear there?
Yeah, this is 80 here. Why are you doing 40?
Oh shit, Bushy’s onto me.
Yeah, nah, I got this. Yeah, just open your eyes real wide and be nice to Bushy and she won’t dog you out.
Yeah, nah, I’m just being cautious Bushy, got a lady onboard you know.
A lady that can steer a road train in reverse better than your skinny arse can handle a little ute.
Yeah, no arguments there Bushy. You’re the queen of the B-doubles alright.
Is this cunt cracking onto Bushy?
I think this cunt’s cracking onto me.
Where the fuck am I? Have I passed it?
How are you getting on with that safety night Bushy?
Fuckin’ nightmare. Last time I volunteer to plan anything with those useless cunts in the wet mess.
Yeah, we’re gonna need a good crowd too.
Oh nah, here it is. Thank fuck we made it.
Cheers Dan.
Yeah no worries, see you at the safety shindig.
Yeah, I’ll be there for sure. Be good to have a drink Bushy.
There he goes again.
I am due a service I suppose.
Righto boney arse. Might have a job for ya.
Yeah, well come on.
Oh, fuck!
You don’t have your swipe card?
Ah for fuck’s sake! I got hammers sharper than you!
You’ll have to take that lonely brain cell of yours back to camp. I’ll say you’re picking up some PPE from the airport.
Oh actually, there is some PPE at the airport. Yeah, go pick that up too.
Oh, and grab me some breakfast, get me some of those little sausages…
Oh man, this is a lot of information.
Yeah, I’ll just do that word association thing…
Airport… sausages, because planes at the airport is like shape of a sausage but like, with wings on it.
Yeah, too easy.
…yeah, so definitely don’t forget that!
Righto, I’ll see you on the job.