Hello and welcome to World Currency Collector! Today we’re going to take a short trip to South America and visit the country of Guyana. Guyana is located on the Atlantic Ocean and shares borders with Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela. If you’ve never heard of the country of Guyana, you’re not alone. It’s not one that really comes up in conversation a lot here in the United States. Nicknamed the garden city of the Caribbean, it gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966, and it has a population of about 735,000 people. And believe it or not, they have the distinction of being the only South American nation where the official language is English and their currency is also the dollar. It just happens to be the Guyanese dollar. The front of this 100-dollar note has a gradiated green and pink color with blue and white and green circles along the edges on both sides. It reads Bank of Guyana, $100, and has signatures of the governor and the Minister of Finance below. And right down along the bottom, it says: “These notes are legal tender
for the payment of any amount,” which is kind of funny, because
it looks to me it looks like it says payment for the amount of $100! The logo for the Bank of Guyana is in the center background along with a map of the country on the right side. Inside the map, you’ll see images with text of gold, sugar, bauxite, diamonds, and timber. The reverse of this 100-dollar note has an ornate design with lots of intricate patterns and hues of purple and green across the back. In the center, it has an image of the Georgetown Cathedral with a tree in front of it. This national monument is located in Georgetown, Guyana and it’s one of the tallest wooden churches in the world. It’s 143 feet in height. It’s an anglican cathedral and is the seat of the Bishop of Guyana. The architect was Sir Arthur Blomfield. He chose to design the building with Gothic arches, clustered columns, and flying buttresses. This Cathedral opened its doors and 1892, and the construction was completed in 1899. The stained glass inside the church has scenes from crucifixion and the Ascension. Queen Victoria gifted the church the chandelier that’s hanging inside. My absolute favorite part of this bank note has to be the watermark. It’s the head of a macaw parrot! Macaws are native to the rainforests of Guyana. They eat a variety of foods like
seeds, nuts, leaves, flowers, and stems. Did you know that a macaw’s
1st and 4th toes point backwards? This bill features a really cool metal strip here on the front that’s a security feature that actually says the word Guyana in it. But it’s not going to keep you safe if you’re in Guyana, because if you take this banknote with you, you might not be holding on to it very long. Armed robberies occur regularly in Guyana. It’s a serious problem, especially when you’re in the capital of Georgetown where the cathedral is located. But don’t worry too much. I mean if somebody were to mug you and take this banknote, you’ll only be out about $0.48 equivalent in the US dollar. I’d like to thank you for taking a quick trip over to Guyana with us today, and I hope you’ve learned something in this video and I encourage you to share your comments below on what you think. We’ll see you next time on World Currency Collector! Bye-bye!