people this is Glenn just wanted to show
you the entire bank note series of eritrea
these are the bank notes that have been deemed monetize starting at startup this
year now they change these bank notes to crack down on hoarding of currency in
the black market and India’s just done the same thing with the 500 1000 rupee
rupees but there is a difference people actually had time to change the eritrean
bank notes over and they did have limits but if it was all legal they most likely
had no limit okay I’ll go down there’s a 1 5 5 these are all just generic
pictures of people now here’s the 10 naphtha the 2012 one was issued sometime
after that both of these banknotes continued to circulate until the end of
2015 as you can see on these banknotes raised edge here to rub it you raise the
ink is also raised and you have features here just here for the blind at first at all just the one single
color but then they changed over time the 5 to 100 necrophile to different
colors that also helps the illiterate people distinguish between denomination
and a fact that each don’t know use a different size now the people on these
banknotes represent the different ethnic groups in Eritrea okay this is a
representing eritrane independence and victory this is a national animal this
is in the local language probably Tigre this is probably in Arabic and as you
can see the language they’ve adopted has been English even though Eritrea was
never actually colonized or occupied by the British for a long period except for
the second Wellborn which they defeated the e-teens in 1941 okay this education
and then a one lick of oh people reading now this is a famous tree I’ll put a link up to world bank note
that has a description on what these this is supposed to be a Soviet vehicle
turned into a train as you can see actually looks better you can see a
security Fred okay and 5th 2003 culture then your shipping and more agriculture ok if we have a look at the window as
the camels head and you can also see these security features the 5 to 100
neck fire also has this metallic foil which the camels on it do change color
and it’s the same for all the banknotes now to current banknotes in circulation
at 2005 for one to fifty neck bar and a 2004 foot of 100 oh sorry I was wrong
2011 for 100 so I hope you enjoyed that presentation and I encourage you do you
actually collect these banknotes even a all the series the design is the same
the colors change ok thank you bye bye