Ahhhh new videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 14:00 UTC Daughter, throw sand in the body and avoid my head. Thaís pegue the plastic paddle Give me this big shovel Thais do not knock on my head ha ha ha wind noise dad dad The sand is heavy in the body You can not pull the wool on the head [Baby Nicole] The sand makes weight on the body Mount a pillow for me ha ha ha Where’s my foot? ha ha I’m feeling right now This is a beauty treatment. I buried skin cream Do not throw sand on my feet Do not tickle! skin treatment lots of sand In a spa treatment that is expensive missing a piece bring a hat Same as Santa Pig Simone, take a picture after Simone, the phone is in the bag. want to help? Mount a foot this way Looks at me and make a jewel, Thais. I will build a hand with jewelry. seems a bit I’ll do an arm We’re making an arm for you It is not yet finalized Not finished? I’ll do some legs here. Make a leg Father, up slightly I am beautiful? The right foot is bent the right foot is a little crooked Hehehe ha ha That dog will pee here? you can go out! Get out? Yes Do not wait I can go out? I’ll leave no 1 Will break the tie where the bond is? 1 2 I’ll get you 1, 2 and 3 already! Subscribe to the channel and to the next video!