people this is glenn again just wanna
show you some bank notes at a PAPR these 12 issue since 1997 but the one bird has
been replaced by a coin these a different coloration in the ones before
1997 were two issued in 1976 after the gyro of the monarchy the reason why the
change it is because Eritrea got independence and to prevent from all
those banknotes going from Eritrea they changed coloration so the bank
measurement eritrea could not be flood the market in Ethiopia it’s the same
system that Sudan did after South Sudan issued their own currency to prevent the
currency from South Sudan flooding the North as you can see they generally had
just have features of people in generic people in Ethiopia and here they have a
race feature here is the symbol for the blind that determines which denomination
AR there’s two day Taniya this is the Ethiopian date that one day 2005 this is
the Western date 2013 they’re both based on the Christian calendar that the
Ethiopian calibers just 8 years behind the Western calendar and here is the
Ethiopian script which quite a complex script and I’m not even going to try and
read it probably reading Cambodians a lot easier
than that okay you can see they will have the line line main which is the
national animal Ethiopia okay if I turn over this woman’s waterfall it’s the
type of antelope native animals the 10 has agriculture d50 has a castle
military castle can’t remember which one it is the 100 / has a research okay see
I do have two older banknotes see one dollar or one burr and then $100 this is
issued about 90 60 you should have had 9066 and as you can see these quite
different than the current currency these banknotes actually quite
collectible if yo cliff just not print its own money and all these we actually
printed overseas Thomas Delarue or security banknote company in the United
States if you have a watermark it is usually whatever is on the bank it back
to the pink night oh yeah all right of water much is just
cattle okay and you also have a metallic security through different coloration
you also have an over security Fred there as well and these do have UV but I
did not have a UV lamp ok look at the older banknotes Dave nice security
features really just so why Fred but there’s no watermark same the one that’s
pretty common on all banknotes ok I hope you enjoy my presentation and please let
me know how I can improve it and this is the old coat of arms of Ethiopia ok
thank you very much and have a nasty