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so I’m guessing pretty much all of you
who watch my videos will be familiar
with the term sjw it’s a set of initials
that stands for social justice warrior
and despite the positive origins as
someone who fights for civil rights it’s
now used ironically to describe some of
the weirdest funniest cringy as people
on the planet
while today’s sjw’s consider themselves
warriors for good insist they represent
everyone except for a few ignorant
bigots and rally under the label
progressives or the progressive left
commentators like myself tend to call
them the regressive left because a lot
of their views are anything but
progressive such as their obsession with
dividing people into racial groups and
defining them first and foremost by race
I mean that’s pretty regressive so is
monitoring language and behavior around
women just in case they are so fragile
that they might be made to feel
physically unsafe by words or banal
gestures I mean that would have
progressive around 1850 also regressive
is loudly slapping labels on every
nuanced member of the gay community as
the number one defining factor in their
lives which is the opposite of
progressive since being defined by their
sexuality is originally what the gay
lobby was fighting against these are
examples of three very backwards views
held by these people and yet somehow
they are marketed as the way forward to
a socialist utopia and anyone who points
out the impracticality and
inconsistencies of these views is called
an uneducated unenlightened insert
derogatory term here who must be
ridiculed and silenced at all costs in
other words despite their insistence
that they are tolerant and empathetic
they routinely show a distinct lack of
tolerance and lack of empathy to anyone
who questions their dogma and this is
because they are so so sure that they
are correct and moral and that their
opponents are not only wrong but evil
that they believe their rightness
justifies their rudeness it’s the same
mentality of toddlers who are told no by
their parents
no one now even though these social
justice warriors make up a small
minority of the population about eight
percent to be precise they seem to be
everywhere now this is because they are
very noisy and populate the majority of
the media Hollywood universities social
media and big tech all the Institute’s
that have for decades driven popular
culture and what is considered
appropriate or inappropriate public
discourse as such this makes it very
easy to study their habits and
understand their views and thus debate
or caricature them in any way you want
which is very handy in my line of work
so for your viewing pleasure
I have compiled a list of the three
dominant types of social justice warrior
from the sublime to the ridiculous to
the downright bizarre here you go this
social justice warrior is what you’d
call a fourth wave feminist what this
means is that rather than fighting for
the vote equal opportunity or respectful
treatment of women in the workplace and
in public life which were the first
second and third waves of feminism
fourth wave feminism has culminated in a
movement consisting of the dregs of late
third wave feminism plus a bunch of
disappointed Millennials who have either
had bad experiences with men or are
desperate to fit in on pain of being
bullied out of their friendship groups
who have simply run out of things to
complain about so I’ve started and
making things up these made up terms
include but are not limited to man
spreading mansplaining and toxic
masculinity all of which are indicative
of a movement with a militantly anti
male mentality contrary to what they
assert they are not fighting for
equality since we already have that in
the form of equality of opportunity they
are fighting for revenge for a
patriarchal past the most intersectional
of them are also obsessed with race and
skin color and spend their days
competing for victim points in the
intersectional oppression Olympics based
on how many allegedly oppressed minority
groups they belong to
that along with spending hours on social
media tweeting and posting about how
much they hate white people especially
white men fourth wave feminists spread
lies and conspiracy theories constantly
like the gender pay gap which has been
debunked countless times the wage gap is
simply the average earnings of men and
women working full time it does not
count for different job positions hours
work or different jobs it has nothing to
do with the same dog it has nothing to
do with discrimination male privilege
sexist microaggressions and the
absolutely wacked theory that middle
class educated women living in a Western
capitalist democracy where they are zero
laws discriminating against women
anywhere as somehow collectively
oppressed by men it’s extraordinary how
silly they look when you lay out their
mantra without all the spin about female
empowerment in my body my choice etc etc
ultimately they’re just a bunch of
miserable women who are attracted to
fourth wave feminism because they are
insecure and lazy so are happy to found
a group of people who assure them that
every single problem in their lives is
the fault of some man somewhere does
absolving them of any responsibility for
their own issues how productive now I’ve
often said that climate change is like a
magic topic when it comes to the
regressive left and by that I mean that
if you put forward even a smidgen of a
hint that maybe you’re not as wound up
in protecting the planet as they are
they will flip out
it is like a red rag to a bull beyond
pretty much any other left to sacred cow
I mean I made a joke about that silly
school strike for climate change the
other day on Twitter and it got such a
large reaction from the lefties both
bluetick and otherwise that my name
ended up trending australia-wide and I
was in multiple hit pieces the next day
and look don’t get me wrong I am always
happy to annoy the left so much that I
end up trending and in there hysterical
hit pieces but it is really bizarre they
behave like adherents to some sort of
weird religion when it comes to climate
change like everyone must worship at the
altar of environmental fundamentalism
and any kind of climate apostasy is how
down and hounded out it is so weird
climate change alarmists have for some
reason bound up the issue of reducing
greenhouse gases with inherent morality
therefore you can’t even be a climate
centrist without being screamed at
because to them even being in the center
of the issue is a reflection of apparent
evil let alone being a bit skeptical
about it I mean just look at this for
one example 2017 intense hurricane
season has emboldened some climate
activists in a recent piece for the
outline a writer called Bryant merchant
asserted that quote climate change
denial should be a crime
meaning people who disagree with me
should be punished meanwhile in the
nation a writer called Mark Hertz guard
said that what he calls climate denial
should be punished as quote premeditated
murder whoa now I think possibly the
reason they get this wound up by it is
that since these people are generally
bad people inside and others projecting
this militant tolerance and virtue as a
sort of Freudian cover-up this is just a
really easy way for them to virtue
signal with very little blowback and
lots of encouragement save the planet
save the environment and above all else
protect our children’s future seriously
they’re like cartoon characters only
they’re real have you ever noticed that
literally every single Twitter account
you come across that has a rainbow flag
emoji in the bio is an absolute jerk
well that’s because they are a member of
the LGBT militia a breed of social
justice warrior that while claiming to
stand for LGBT rights is actually just
determined to exact revenge for their
own insecurities they are quite similar
to intersectional feminists in this way
and indeed there is a lot of category
overlap this is particularly evident in
see of what is called radical gender
theory that is the theory that gender is
a social construct in no way connected
to biology and that there are multiple
genders in addition to your standard man
and woman which is of course debatable
anyway the ultimate goal of radical
gender theory is to erase what they like
to call traditional gender norms and
have everyone live in some sort of
gender fluid paradise now this is pushed
under the guise of gender equality and
acceptance of everyone and respectful
relationships so you know you can see
the overlap with the intersectional
feminist however you don’t need to erase
gender norms in order to achieve gender
equality or any kind of equality that is
taken care of through legislation and
the law not some academic Theory cooked
up in the humanities Department of some
university somewhere all in all the LGBT
militia is a byproduct of the great and
also very understandable insecurities
that many LGBT people feel however that
doesn’t mean they get to be complete
toss pots about it being part of the
LGBT community does not give you a Hall
Pass to be a jerk so much well there you
have it the three dominant categories of
SJW and if you can think of anymore
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