Today there is a small conference here in Bali. And, well, maybe not so small about blockchain, so I have a panel and a keynote. So I’m reviewing the slide for the keynote, which I finished a few hours ago, last night, and they’re about the proof of- how blockchains are secured with a different kind of proof. And how they work. What’s the logic behind them? So, yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m up to. And we are in Ubud, so we’re going south of Bali. Bye bye, kiddos! See you on this evening. I think they will not react. Usually audience are like, okay. Applause when you’re finished, because they don’t have to suffer anymore about listening to somebody saying things they don’t understand. I tried to inject some humor in my presentation, and at least I make them laugh. I make a use of their times. Obviously, there are those interested, there are people asking questions. But some time is strange because those who organize the conferences ask you to talk about something very difficult, something that is unique. But without realizing that the audience is not prepared for such topics. So, I even been asked to teach at the university. Topics that the students have no idea. Even they were several levels away from it. So yeah, I think that the issue is really when a topic is very particularly complex that the audience need to be prepared, or the person giving the speech, like in my case, need to really simplify things. And that makes most of the audience happy. But at the same time, makes the few that really know this object quite disappointed because they were hoping to hear something much more detailed and technical and deep. So we can not make everybody happy, obviously. So somebody has to be disappointed anyway. But the majority will be happy. To me, the challenge is to simplify complex topics. Is the thing that required a lot of repeating, right? So if you explain a recipe to somebody for the first time, you can get stuck, you take things for granted. You make the other person probably doesn’t understand. After you’ve been explaining this same thing to 1000 people, by the end, you arrive to a point that, you know exactly how to explain. You know exactly what the audience need to hear to understand in order to not to send a message that is incorrect.