Hello everyone so facebook releases its
cryptocurrency it is called LIBRA
created a special website called uplibra
for registration and confirmation of your
mail you get three coin libra
plus there is a tap in the middle of the screen
click claim
solve a simple captcha and
get a reward balance as you can see
there is an affiliate program
three levels of partners as you can see I have
there are only two partners here
social media buttons to quickly
share news about this project as
you understand Facebook is the most powerful
the Corporation is therefore not necessary to pass
past all the more all of this now is happening
free without investment spread
your link attract partners and
we will follow this project but not
forget after registration in the middle
the screen you will have such a sign for
confirm your email insert
there’s a real real mail after
what you get here is such a letter and
you will need to click confirm all
authorization checking in via facebook
if there is no account get involved I
I think it will be very very interesting
good luck to everyone good earnings