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it’s not only jim that’s in motion we’ve got other people in motion i want to
talk about that have been helping out lately also but i want to say 11:45 on
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bitcoinmeister so I notice it if you’re watching this tape like I know many of
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time okay hello Maile friends so an elite friend that we’ve I’ve discussed
before and if you don’t want to hear about people in motion I mean you can
fast-forward through this but these this you may
the real Bitcoin community bidco you now ski he sent me his stickers he’s an
artist and maybe bit go you now ski and Jim at bit piggies maybe they can all
get together I mean I’m trying to get people motion but I gotta tell you uh
bit go and and bit go you now ski is is linked to below I mean I appreciate the
autograph man and but he here are his stickers this one is like a be eating a
a Bitcoin eating a dollar for all you Fiat freaks you’re getting eaten up this
is uh this is a honey badger these are stickers these are cool man I really
think you got some good art and it’s not just stickers II this is Safi Dean’s
book in German there’d be coins standard there Bitcoin standard yeah I guess it’s
available in German there so yeah and there’s there’s other ones I’ll show
these other ones on like tomorrow or something because dude thank you for
sending them from your undisclosed location to my somebody I knows
undisclosed location I had to pick them up from so so thank you very much now
someone else that is in motion don’t worry we’re getting to the rest of the
show pal that like button always a lot of energy yeah I ran ten miles in the
dark just a few hours ago but after I did my freakin sprints oh yeah I am
feeling um and it’s the middle of the night here but baby you got up that’s
conviction 20 miles every week and the interval training every week and a new
show every day that’s the system that’s conviction that’s a strong hand
that’s long-term thinking but purely why you’re doing that now you look perfectly
fine it’s for the future baby it’s for the future you want you want to be
healthy you’re healthy now for the future you invest now you’ve got a
strong hand for the future new show every day for the future you’re watching
this in the future and you’re just got a big old smile on your face because
you’re like oh those Fiat freaks they were panicking back then so my other my
other buddy named what is this dude’s name in reddit Thank You fluid attitude
he is posting my videos in reddit so if you guys are in reddit he’s posting it
in the BTC reddit which is like the big cash road I guess
post it wherever I don’t give a darn that’s how you support the show I only
just to send me your precious Bitcoin I don’t need you to do a super chat I
don’t mean you send me some altcoin you can if you want to do those things but
posting it on social media like and read it and yeah let it still exists this
dude is doing it he’s causing a stir over there with my videos I found it on
my own thank you dude thank you and I’ve read tweeted one of your reddit things
also so keep up the great I really appreciate it fluent attitude on reddit
all right why do I get keep getting this chain link spam now that’s the new
spammer of the month you know we have all point flavors of the month and we
have like these I guess they’re scams it’s chained like a scam I don’t know
what it is all I know is that the chain link dudes after every one of my videos
I have like ten comments from them and I have to erase them and then some people
like comment on the comments say like go away spammer don’t do that people I
checked the comments I erased the spam comments you don’t need to do that I’ve
got it on the control I mean I’m not I’m not awake 24 hours a day but almost it
seems like but yeah I will get to what is up with a chain link stuff but why
are these guys spamming constantly it is anyone actually falling for this type of
thing they are the spammer of the month the the flavor of the spam spam flavor I
guess in Hawaii they like spam I remember when I was in Honolulu in I
mean I’ve read about it before – yeah there yeah look at that big piggies bit
piggies Jim is in motion uh that’s an original idea there man the big piggies
and it’s a I like this t-shirt man and I if I wore hats maybe but my hair is
really a mess like Barry I’ll put one on I’ve like worn a hat what twice on this
show three times on the show alright but for all right so we got cut
Karka dick Tomey is in the house how you doing man I haven’t seen you for a while
Elite stickers yeah you better believe those are stickers
yeah I am doing well khakhra sorry for mispronouncing your name I I always do
that sorry about that one day I will hear it and I will know how to correct
we pronounce it pounded baby all right so let us move on to what we’re supposed
to be talking about today which is in my notes oh wow it’s taking a while to get
to the meat and potatoes of this thing isn’t it but you should be playing it at
2x ask those questions in the super track dude Aaron the regular check just
type in bitcoinmeister so the MWC you can claim it now
I started claiming mine and it took like it shows up in your wallet and then it
takes it can take like 24 or 48 hours for you to be able to move it apparently
but whatever whatever the case may be it’s free and they’re all men there are
some people dumping it right now so that’s cause the price to go down hey
whatever free is free do what you’re going to do with it there’s some big
dump but there were some this impulsive comments about it that I’ve been
receiving just you know why can I send it yet what’s going on the volume has
quadrupled on that exchange so lots of people doing stuff with it hey man it’s
a crypto do it and we will see but we’ll see you know after this week or two what
would it uh stabilizes that or if it stabilizes or no hey free is free pound
that like button dude and it is hey I got to tell you that wallet is pretty
darn professional it works and here’s the news though that some of you I don’t
know all right here here here’s an update
directly from MWC again it’s a Crickley dividend a Bitcoin an air-dropped crypto
dividend that you signed up for you got for free otherwise yeah you go if you
want it you can you can go buy that’s that exchange I guess but I don’t buy
things I get for free now claims have been open for slightly over 24 hours and
we’ve already seen approximately four million of the six million available MWC
claim whoa given that and that the process has been very smooth so far with
only minor issues reported we will be setting the deadline to claim on January
2nd 2020 found that like button that looks that looks so futuristic January
2nd 2020 but it won’t be very happy time for you if you don’t claim your MWC by
then and then ask me on January 3rd why will
locked out I didn’t know about it well dude this is how a Bitcoin are inside
the information you should be paying attention you’ve got a month to claim it
now okay if you don’t claim it by January second I guess you’re in trouble
free is free but then you know there’s some cut-offs there too and four million
of the six million already claim oh now so people are paying attention people
were waiting for this thing eagerly clearly if two thirds of it has been
claimed so far of what you could claim moving to the next topic this dude Adam
Paul Moore I like this guy just found that out about him today
he’s a Bitcoin guy his name is Adam that’s not why he went to Penn which is
a very meister place to go to it said it at least on his Twitter he
went to Penn um and again I close relative of mine obviously went there
maybe we will discuss that if Adam Adam might be coming on the show soon who
knows he’s got this tweet as it’s a video of him basically saying this and
this is a very very interesting question all I’m saying is look at the price of
Bitcoin they compare it compare that with the amount of Twitter reddit real
life conference etc interest in Bitcoin the two don’t match up if all these
people talking about Bitcoin actually held bags the price would be greater
than a hundred thousand dollars now I don’t know if the price but but the dude
Adam Adam I like your first name I liked your
point that you’re making here dude University of Pennsylvania up there in
Philly alright Baltimore in Philly can agree on this we
can’t agree on 1983 World Series I know I know there’s there’s issues there but
we can’t agree on this what the heck is gonna there are all these big talkers
fake Bitcoin holders out there all these people putting on conferences talking
about holding talk about this talking about that talking sort of about it
we’re the same trading trade this trade that they’re not hold it big there’s so
many people that are fake bitcoin holders out there now because if and all
these people were really holding substantial amounts of it okay you know
these substantial them I’m talking at least one Bitcoin here and so some of
these people might be like totally faking you out they might be like yeah
Bitcoin and they’ve got like point oh one Bitcoin and then they’ve got a bunch
of light coin or something and then they got they’re tweeting about it all day
but then at the same time a related topic is tether is now the number four
crypto currency and coin market cap because of its market capitalization all
right number four more than B cash now so part of this thing is is a lot of
these two people talking a big Bitcoin game they they’ve sold their Bitcoin
they sold their Bitcoin and their antenna they’re waiting to buy back or
something like that I mean and some of them and some of them have already been
you know kicked in the butt because of you trying to play games like this but I
would not be surprised you know as tether grows more and more popular here
no doubt about it they keep pretty more of it all right
people keep on using it people keep on hiding it people value their wealth in
that nonsense instead of jumping out a Bitcoin into Taylor to go back in and
and they’re doing these on exchanges where their social security numbers are
listed I’ll do some of them have a nice surprise coming for them but um no yeah
I’m sure a lot of these these are a new some of them I’ll say this to Adam I
think some of the people that he’s uh wondering about some of them say they’re
crypto guys they’re not necessarily Bitcoin maximalist err or whatever so
one could expect that they are all you know in tether or some ridiculous all
coining you know just they say yes bitcoin is king but I like to diversify
for the sake of diversification again if all these big talkers actually held the
real thing the sub and substantial amounts of it at least one at least two
even if you’re a public dude if you’re a public person for furn for the less it
since 2017 at least you’ve got a have to dude you gotta have at least two come on
there come on and so some of these guys have zero a
lot of them or point 0:01 or whatever so adam good point there i’d like it it’s a
nice thought i mean maybe some of you’ve got some other opinions about it maybe
maybe that i maybe they’re not as many fake bitcoin holders as i think now
think there are hey this is where the big boys play those people can lie about
if they want to in the end of the day this is you know accumulate now in the
future people are watching this in 2025 and just laughing like ha ha ha Oh Adam
it’s so hilarious that people back then were pretending to have it and didn’t
have it they greatly regret it now yeah yeah tether tether in 2025 is still a
dollar big coin in 2025 is what tell me people in 2025 tell me what it is baby
for you Fiat freaks out there pound that like button yeah tether number for
crypto yeah you you guys value your Rolfing in tether I got the real thing I
I don’t have a piggy bank full of tether baby I got a piggy bank a treasure or a
ledger or whatever digital big box full a Bitcoin and no I just don’t have to
obviously longtime viewers can figure out how many frickin have anyway so yeah
I’m not gonna B’s so Romy Chu has people who follow the magical charts waiting
for the moon to line up with the upside-down cup cupcake had Bitcoin hey
he type had he capitalizes yes all in all cats had Bitcoin yeah
they had Bitcoin and they still say they had it and then we and then people think
well all these people actually have it why is there worth more but they don’t
actually have it there’s plenty of people not hoarding it properly they’re
just trading it every second or in other alt coins oh god yeah that it got
constantly going back between Heather and Bitcoin there a lot of these Bitcoin
people are constantly playing between the two that’s now they’re constantly
selling their Bitcoin if they were real again if all these people talking to big
game did the right thing is just holding hold her a black they’re the holder of
last resort population this is a conclusion from that dude Adam okay the
holder of last resort is the most elite person in all of finance today is a rare
bird a true rare bird is the true holder of last resort
so I should maybe title this fake holders of last resort out there I think
there’s there’s plenty of them out there okay now I’ve talked about this before
this is a report psychology of Bitcoin bubbles as measured by investor cost
basis so I when they’re talking about the cost basis they have determined that
the last time the coin has moved whatever price it was then was the last
time it was sold now that is not necessarily true a lot of us move some
coins around for the MWC air drop for instance we didn’t we did not sell our
coins and but this chart records it as if we did move some of our coins and you
know they just so I mean this is not that this is not a hundred percent site
it’s not a hundred percent perfect okay but it taking into account the last time
a Bitcoin move as the the cost basis 55% of all Bitcoin is in the black now in
terms of fiat for you for your fiat freaks fifty-five all the Bitcoin out
there fifty-five percent of it is worth more than the person paid for it
supposedly although yes even though some people
didn’t the measurement takes into account them just moving it but whatever
and this this report it is a great report it also and it shows that
psychologically when a hundred percent of the people are in the black and and
this is no surprise of course and that is during an all-time high
everyone is happy as anything now we’re fit now right now fifty five percent of
the Bitcoin at least is in the black and people are a little the psychology it’s
not there there’s some people that are down there they’re plenty of people that
are down because there are plenty of people that are not in the black again
we’re just talking about 55 percent of Bitcoin is in the bike that doesn’t
doesn’t mean of holders I it’s uh some of the guys I mean I’m in the black and
I have a lot more Bitcoin than a lot of the dudes out there that that are in the
red so there are many there’s probably more in the red bitcoiners than in the
black bitcoiners and just because the way the
distribution is although the distribution isn’t fair dude you could
have gotten in early I mean anyone could have gotten in in 2060 anyone can still
get in nothing holding you back the distribution is fair baby there’s anyone
could get any any poor person rich person anyone could have got in when it
was two hundred dollars or two dollars or whatever it’s just are some people
willing to do it or some people willing to be long-term thinkers
anyway the chart it also reminds us one of the charts in this report it’s a good
report check it out it’s linked to below that the current mid-cycle if you were
to call this the current mid-cycle correction just as i said in the past
video it’s about two hundred ten thousand blocks away from the same one
in 2015 the same day big you know after bitcoin hit a low whatever it was in
2014 in the beginning of 2015 it hit another relative low in that August of
2015 and there were four years later and it’s it’s it’s the same thing we we hit
the low in the beginning of at the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 then we
were high and then we are we’ve got another interesting with you you call it
a again a mid cycle correction now again I like that 210,000 block theory it’s
all cyclical baby and what what comes after the mid cycle correction what came
after the mid cycle correction last time we went into the having hype it started
going up again for your Fiat freaks then we had to having it went down and then
we had 2017 it went grow so you you you you can make your own decisions 2020
having is coming and then we got 2021 after that pound that like button hey
speaking of flashbacks the pot coin guy contacted me on Twitter that was a
classic I think someone gave me pot coin back in
the day and and then never like other marijuana related coins to they like
that was a trend at pot coin like pumped at one point I remember it’s an
interesting flashback it’s a very interesting fun
that they cotta it wasn’t the same original pot coin guy and he says he
watches this show so hello pot calling guy value your wealth in Bitcoin don’t
smoke too much of that weed dude but hey maybe in the next up you got to get your
marketing going again so during the next altcoin pump you get one of those crazy
punks again for your bags alright but again people don’t gamble
bitcoin is it’s the honey badger it is the apex predator of coins okay we have
another question from Roman Q if you have more bitcoins today than you did
yesterday oh yeah then you are in the black this is true
and there’s a lot of member Wimble crypto dividend people that have more
Bitcoin than they did yesterday thanks to them dumping of them MWC if you have
less than you are in the red measure your wealth and bitcoin as I say now
your wealth a Bitcoin I was giving this report was a fiat freak report gotta got
it you know sometimes you gotta translate back in the Bitcoin thank you
for that big English to Bigpoint R & B ah to Bitcoin translation there ya mu
when Bitcoin starts moving it’s like people’s minds are like a
light switch everybody on board the BTC train yeah it’s it’s it’s herd mentality
day there are certain people in the space they can only move when the herd
is moving you get rich by moving when the herd is not moving okay in any in
anything okay they’re gonna be herds anywhere but there’s all these people in
the sidelines they’re part of the herd the people the sidelines are part of the
herd dude they’re part of the herd the the the guys who get the crypt of
dividends turning the big coin people getting more Bitcoin value their wealth
and Bitcoin the holders of last resort they’re the elite as I said the rarest
of the rare as the atom dude from Philadelphia pointed out that there’s a
lot of people pretending to be those rare of the rare okay almost we took it
up alright that is I think I covered everything there feels
like I skipped something someone yesterday asked about good ideas that
haven’t become anything and I couldn’t think of anything tech that never took
off and I couldn’t think I’d then when the show got when the show was over I
thought about a Lightning Network project that someone informed me about
and I just thought it was a great idea I can’t really say what it is yet was I
don’t know if they fully given up the idea but this is an example of something
that never took off it involved music and Lightning Network it was it was
really it was really an original idea but it never took off so there you go I
know that’s a kind of a vague description of some idea that never took
off but that’s that’s when I thought about right after the show when I was
asked that question about some big pointing or a big coin related
technology that never took off although that wasn’t exactly well they were using
light coin in a Verya they were proposing a use case of light
coin that was very innovative to say the least
and maybe one day someone else will do it so I’m not going to exactly say what
it is just that it involved music all right so check out all the links below
you can check out big piggies you can check out bit Co you now ski they are
linked maybe they’ll become friends and you know have a pig a pig comic art
Bitcoin collaboration hey man I’m connecting people all over the freaking
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