Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today we will be looking at what you should do with your
remaining Smart Mode currencies. There’s only two days left to the big update where
everything will be removed So this video will come in very handy. As you can see I’m gonna start off with my Smart Shop. If you saw just now I actually began with
91 Terra coins so I’m going to spend it all on the Raid Items. But here’s the thing I want to tell you guys If you guys are actually low on Soul Essence, you can actually get the Leahs and sell them for 5000 soul essence each. I think that will come in very handy for you when you’re trying to build your new
heroes and even some old heroes. So that is something that you may want to consider. However, if you deem that you already have a good amount of special
heroes that you can rank up to 6* and then sell them after that
and also get a very healthy income of soul essence then you may not want to get the
Leahs but instead you want to focus on the Raid items that what I’m doing
because eachRaid item you get from this Smart Shop is gonna be S-Rank and for
each one you’re gonna get about 33,000 power up stones and that is gonna make a very very great difference to the amount of things you can upgrade So that was for Smart Shop. That’s just my advice. You may need to get Finas or even Light
Crystals that’s totally up to you For Celestial Tower shop, I’m choosing to focus on elements. Because, remember like I said, I do have a lot of special heroes which
I want to rank up and sell them for soul essence and 1 million gold. So obviously I’m gonna prioritize my purchases on elements so that I can
actually have enough elements to rank up these extra duplicate special heroes. However I’d like to say Celestial Tower shop is a very very important shop because it
has a lot of valuable resources such as your gold ore and your fodder. So if you find yourself not being able to get enough 6* heroes for Mythical
Power Up etc you may want to get the 5-6* hero ticket or if you find yourself being stuck in your farming, have not enough fodder, get the 3-6* hero ticket. I think that is very very valuable and you can get so much fodder from whatever
amount of gold crystals you have. If you find yourself lacking in gold, then the gold ore
is definitely the one that you want to get, because each legendary go ore will sell
for 1 million gold. So there is a lot of income for you if you do have a lot gold crystals however, do note that the cost of the Gold Ore is slightly higher so you may deplete your resources very quickly. Let me come to the Raid shop! So over here you see that I do have up a 120000 dragon essence and I’m gonna focus all these on selectors. Use your essence on selectors first. Once you have exhausted all your essences, as you can see now I’m left with 11000, I cannot buy anything with
essence anymore cannot buy any more selectors then prioritize your purchases
on the first two boxes because they actually gives you 6* Raid items as well as a
chance for you to get dragon items. So this is about 8,000 horns or scales
higher than the one beside it which doesn’t give you the chance
to get dragon items. However I think it is worth it to gamble and try your luck to get a dragon item. if you do get a Dragon item, take note that that can sell for very high amount of power-up stones as well. So I’m just gonna spend it all on the first few boxes as you can see and it is gonna take a very long time actually I don’t even know if I’m able to finish using up
all my dragon shards and my dragon horns, and dragon scales. Because ultimately I will deplete one of them first and I foresee that my dragon shards
may be depleted first I’m not so sure. So if my shards are depleted then what
should I do with my remaining dragons horns and dragon scales? I will use them on the
third and fourth boxes beside it, the ones that only use horns and the ones
that only use scales. Basically that’s it. That’s how you actually deplete
everything. So what will you get by doing this actually? You will get a
lot of C-Grade/Rank Raid items which you have to sell because it’s totally
useless. You cannot rank them up anyway. And later on we will look at the value of these C-Grade Raid items. So for Tartarus shop, I would say the best buy is definitely the
Gelidus/Isabella accessory (ticket). However, if you are still pretty new and are progressing in a game and you have a lack of Guardian Rings, you may want to focus on buying the Guardian Ring. As far as I know there is a one-time cheaper
option which I have already bought so it’s not appearing here. You can actually go for that and then proceed to use whatever you have
left on the Gelidus/Isabella accessories or the Willful ring if
you need as well the reason. Why I’m recommending the Gelidus/Isabella accessory is because I think it’s very hard for you to actually get them. And I know this is just a ticket so if you think it’s just a
ticket and you’re not gonna be able to get the one you want and you mean put
the idea away and focus on getting other accessories which you need like evasion
and crit damage. So then comes the part where you have to do mass
collection Collection is very simple right just
do a single click and you get everything Make sure you do have space in your
inventory otherwise it’s gonna be a very very troublesome process where you need to go back and forth back and forth. So over here I’m gonna choose all my
perfect S-Rank items. You can even sell your World Boss items not an issue
at all because it is still gonna take a lot to power up the World Boss items. However, because I am super super stubborn, I’m gonna keep some copies of World Boss items. I think World Boss items are still very very rare so I don’t want to sell
them yet. I’m gonna sell all these perfect Raid items instead. So as you can see, selling 15 S-Rank items, I will get about 500,000 near to 500,000 power stones already But of course since it is now a single currency system, how you spend your power up stones is gonna be very crucial because there’s only one resource now. So this actually limits you from the amount of
items you can actually upgrade and you have to think carefully what you really
need and what you should upgrade. Otherwise you’ll just be spending power up stones on items that you may only need once or twice and I don’t think that is
very good. So basically this process is gonna go on for a very long time if you
haven’t bought anything and I think it’s quite a nightmare I kind of regret I
should have done this periodically like maybe every week I’ll get something. And before I forget that is still one more shop that you guys probably are curious
about and that is the World Boss shop. So this is the last we’ll see of the World Boss shop and this is the last we’ll see PVE Items so readily available. As you can see I really spent pretty much a lot of my World Boss points and I’m actually
gonna spend my remaining place on this crap jewel but don’t be like me. You may want to look at getting Boss jewels instead because I think Boss jewels are pretty useful especially the lethal rate ones and the
lifesteal. As much as I would like to recommend you to get the boss items, I think we Revolutionary items are still okay to get because they take relatively less power up stones to power up and once you hit +10, you can actually rank them up into World Boss items just like this. I think this is one
of the best parts of the new item upgrading system. So I hope this video has helped you and if you did – give it a like and do
subscribe to my channel! We’ll have a lot more guides coming when the update hits in two days time. Thank you so much and see you!