On February 14th you will start using new
dollar notes, each printed with a number of colours, with one colour predominated. Other
important features common to all dollar notes are this special watermark of Captain Cook
and the metallic thread running down the note. The one dollar note is predominately brown
and carries a portrait of the Queen and the Australian Coat of Arms on the front, and
Aboriginal drawings on the back. The two dollar note is printed in shades of green. John Macarthur
and an Australian ram are on the front, and on the back, William Farrer and wheat. The
ten dollar note is predominantly blue in colour. Francis Greenway and some of his architectural
work are on the front, and Henry Lawson and manuscripts on the back. The twenty dollar
note is reddish in colour. On the front, Kingsford Smith and patterns of wings; on the back Lawrence
Hargrave and flying devices. The new dollar notes are slightly smaller and are especially
graded in size. After February 14th they will quickly replace the old notes.