Ok, so this is Millionaire Mindset Hub. Basically, through the last videos where I
talked to you guys about everything from what Bitcoin is, what digital currencies are, how
Bitcoin mining works etc. In this video I’m just going to be taking
you through my research on different digital currency mining softwares where we’re going
to explore a ton of them to find one or a few that we will use to try and mine Bitcoins
to see if this is a valid income stream for a slightly better than average computer and
I’ll show you my specs maybe later in this video or in another video. I have done a little research and have had
a little bit of experience prior to making this video however I haven’t done that much
so it will be new for both me and you. But I’m going to take you through my process
and explore it all together. I hope you enjoy. Now I will just say that I’m using ‘TinyTake
by MangoApps’ to record my screen. I’m on the free version and unfortunately
that only goes for 5 minutes at per video at a time so if suddenly I go from one thing
to something else it’s just because the recording stopped or I’ve edited it out in my editing
process but I will try to cut that down by realising when that 5 minute time slot is
up. I have not used TinyTake before, this is the
first time I’ve used it so we’ll see how it goes. Where I’m going to start is by going on Google
and searching for ‘Digital currency miners’ and see where that takes us. Alright, let’s read through these. If the creator of this blog is watching, I’m
pretty sure that it’s supposed to be ‘there is also another way’ not ‘there are also another
way’. Ok, if you only have access to a CPU I do
recommend looking into that yourself since I have quite a good GPU and CPU I will be
looking at Bitcoin software that can use both because using a GPU is far superior to using
a CPU, so just keep that in mind. I’m just going to pull up a note so write
down different software miners we can look into. I have personally used MinerGate before, it’s
pretty good however it doesn’t let you mine Bitcoin. It lets you mine other things but not specifically
Bitcoin. At least not the software I have. However, this blurb is saying it can mine
Bitcoin, Litecoin and other digital currencies so I could have a different version of it? Maybe this is different because it’s the GUI
miner and not just the regular MinerGate. I will definitely be trying that out. Let’s check this out. Alright let’s see if this is available for
Windows. It looks like ‘Alethone’ maybe isn’t available
anymore. It looks like this is a miner just for ‘Ethereum’. Which is a pretty solid digital currency as
far as I’m aware so let’s put this down. But I believe that Alethone is not available
anymore. That looks pretty complicated. But.. I might just be an idiot. Ok, so at the moment I’m going to say that
these two we will test and try, let’s carry on searching. Ok.. this looks like it’s going to be a lot
more complicated and at the moment I’m just looking for something really really dead simple
to get into because I think that that’s what the majority of you guys would be looking
for as well, not something too complex. Then from there we will go onto more advanced
software and hardware. Let’s keep going. Ok I think we have looked at enough articles,
let’s go to YouTube and see if we can find anything else. Alright so, what this guy is saying does sound
a little complex but nothing too serious so I think we could probably get this done so
I will just move this over here as something we will definitely be trying. Ok so this guy has said that he has used MinerGate
previously but even this software ‘NiceHash Miner’ is even better and generates more income
than MinerGate so we will definitely be testing this one out. Are any of these sites open? Nope, probably scams in the first place. Ok, I am slightly interested in what this
is although I am not 100% certain that this is even real but let’s try it out anyway. Maybe the video will show us more. This might even be a game, I’m thinking that
this one’s a little bit unrealistic so we wont look into that. Ok so
at the moment we have four methods of mining and I think that is good enough for now. Let’s get into it.