The very first Belgian Bitcoin ATM was presented this morning.
Bitcoin is a virtual currency whereby the value is determined by supply and demand.
But how does this look like, such an ATM with virtual currency?
Good morning, Tom.
Can we buy a computer game?
Roeland and Andreas were one of the first believers in Bitcoin.
They pay their computer games with Bitcoins.
That’s 5 euro. Let’s see… That’s 15 mBTC please.
Can you make a request for that, so I can just scan it?
Verkoper Tom accepts payments in Bitcoin, because he thinks that’s a democratic system.
Instead of one central bank who checks every payment to see if these payments are correct,
there is now the whole network and everyone who works with Bitcoin checks all payments,
this way, we all check if it’s correct.
In his shop in Ghent, he has the first Bitcoin ATM in Belgium.
They ask for my address, so the QR code which can be found on my device.
I scan this here, like this.
Now it knows my address, and from the moment I put in my cash, it gets converted to Bitcoins and these can then be found on my device.
The ATM is, according to enthusiasts, THE way to get rid of Bitcoin’s ‘black’ reputation.
To get rid of the image of Bitcoin being in a dark world, we try it with a physical machine…
… whereby you can go to a shop, a legal instance.
Imagine something goes wrong, on the machine our contact details will show up so there is always an immediate contact with the persons behind the ATM.