First of all, all the inhabitants of the earthquake
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How come the rest of it really doesn’t matter
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I’m Eren Caner.
In this episode, can US President Trump ban
Bitcoin, and if so, what could happen on the
Where should we look as Bitcoin investors
to see the signs of this before everyone else?
Well, we need to know that before, don’t we?
Because this possibility in the future may
have a very, very serious impact on the price
of Bitcoin.
News about the ban will be served and Reddit’te
started to be spoken because.
We’ll talk to all of them, giving you ideas,
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questions, let us immediately enter the subject.
Trump says that if Bitcoin reaches $ 100,000,
it can ban Bitcoin.
A scenario like this, folks.
Now I feel like you’re asking me this.
Yahu Bitcoin Decentralized Structure How will
Trump prohibit it?
This is certainly true, but what is meant
here is not technically a prohibition, but
I’m talking about the possibility that Trump
could fight Bitcoin and suppress it in every
We will discuss the details, but the price
of Bitcoin could be seriously damaged if such
an event occurs.
Although this decline is very harsh at first,
it may continue for a few weeks until things
settle down.
Then, of course, Bitcoin can wound up as before,
As a basis for all these events is a completely
different issue, but America’s electronic
cigarette jet-speed prohibition performance
is shown in the same scenario, or if it occurs
in Bitcoin.
And if you ask when this could happen, it
is said that friends, whether or not the American
government bans Trump’s arrest against Bitcoin
depends entirely on Bitcoin’s price.
If Bitcoin is $ 100,000, Trump will try to
ban him immediately, the cointelegraph will
share analysis.
So there is a linear relationship between
Bitcoin and seriousness.
The higher the price of Bitcoin, the more
serious Trump and the Senate are to Bitcoin,
the more likely it is to try to destroy it.
As much as the price of Bitcoin decreases,
you appreciate that the seriousness given
to Bitcoin also decreases.
You already know that.
Friends, on the other hand, I can’t help but
mention it.
There are also paradoxes in some aspects of
I accept that.
For example, for Bitcoin idealists, it doesn’t
really matter whether or not Bitcoin rises.
They want Bitcoin to be a major currency,
but to be perceived as money, the seriousness
shown to Bitcoin needs to increase and become
more popular.
So unfortunately this does not come with anything
but price increases.
If you remember Trump’s tweet against Bitcoin, look here.
Attention Bitcoin quickly rose to $ 10500.
In other words, the upsurge actually troubled
Even beyond the inconvenience, Bitcoin, which
was once a practice of its own, had reached
the presidential level in America.
Well fine but fine at this point I’ll ask
you something.
Please write your answers below in the comments.
When Bitcoin rises to $ 10500, Trump throws
this tweet for $ 100,000, but what kind of
tweet would he try to do?
Although this does not stand as a risk in
the short and medium term, I think it is for
the long term, that is, for the next 5-10
Of course, when we consider the whole Bitcoin
universe, Trump and even America do not have
much to say, but America has a say in almost
anything if you pay attention outside of Bitcoin.
In a clear US war against Bitcoin, the United
States can expect, in particular, the European
Union countries such as Germany and France
to comply with this prohibition.
As you already know, America can put pressure
on many countries when it comes to interests.
What can Trump do in America, in a scenario
where Bitcoin is so high, $ 100,000, today
or in the future?
If you want to come to this point, let’s do
a brainstorming session, and then let’s talk
about where to look for the signs of this
I’m going to say my ideas, and you write it
down, okay?
Now let’s get started see your brother.
First of all, it is said that the process
of dismissing Trump by democrats has begun.
You know, in the previous video, we briefly
touched on these issues.
If you have not watched the previous video,
fellows, the result of a very rigorous research
that video.
If Trump is dismissed for his misgivings,
let Bitcoin be $ 100,000.
Trump may have already gone by then, or even
if he didn’t, until his normal presidential
term expires until Bitcoin is $ 100,000.
Or maybe what?
Oh, by the way, I’il tell you this.
See if you get an idea of ​​what I’m telling
you, just don’t take it as an investment advice.
Do not go for an investment or a decision
change if you are affected by them and certainly
have invested.
I’m telling you about possible scenarios.
Now, for example, look at your brother, Bitcoin
has been $ 100,000, everyone is talking about
Bitcoin without exception, but nobody is trying
to buy Bitcoin on the stock exchange, trying
to get his penny unit satoshi.
It’s a Bitcoin for $ 100,000.
In such a case, other countries that want
to get rid of American sanctions and pursuit
may want to make all kinds of big exchanges
such as oil and natural gas with Bitcoin.
This may mean that the United States, which
wants the dollar to be the most powerful,
overwhelming reference currency in the world,
and has put forth its intense decades for
it, may want to reduce the popularity of Bitcoin,
which has become a serious threat to the dollar
this time.
As a competitor, he can officially release
the crypto currency version of the dollar
and do his best to spread it.
Because if you can’t destroy it, bingo, you
want to finish his reputation, you come across
as an opponent.
In addition, for example, brother can close
all Bitcoin ATMs in the country.
Coinbase and other future crypto currency
exchanges may stop operations.
Bitcoin can close ETF conversations so that
they won’t be opened again, unless they have
been opened until then, which I don’t think
Until then, the ETFs come in fifty times.
Ha, for example, in such a scenario can end
Or he can finish Bitcoin with futures.
The both are possible.
Finish futures or end Bitcoin with futures.
It was a bit like a nursery rhyme.
But what if it happens?
Guys, this is Bitcoin.
It’s not like anything else.
You can’t completely ban it.
It’s not Facebook’s Libra coin that you call
Mark Zuckerberg and you get it done.
There were two laws in the country, Facebook’s
Libra is illegal at a time.
The owner of Bitcoin is unclear.
The owner is also obviously not certain by
the way.
If the owner were known, he could have become
more targets of various focuses in the future.
I’il tell you.
It’s not clear anymore.
It turns out that the real Satoshi Nakamoto
is mine, but it was clear that things would
be clear from the beginning.
Well, technically, he could still prove himself
with a genesis block or something, but I don’t
know if any of his replacement would do that?
So I have a very sure subject.
The owner of Bitcoin can never be known clearly
after that I never underline it clearly.
I categorize the claims and news that have
emerged in the past and in the future as completely
dry noise.
Of course, if we look at the other side of
the coin, I said that if all this happens,
America must develop an opponent against Bitcoin
if it enters the ban.
If you say why the first thing is forbidding
something, you have to offer people an alternative.
Secondly because China exists.
As you know, there is a lot of dominance in
production in Bitcoin, and there is a political
part of this issue, friends.
Now, one of the cold war instruments between
countries is the crypto currency.
I’ve never heard of what I’ve read anywhere.
This is all my analysis, my argument.
Put the crypto coins next to oil and natural
As a result, friends, I have tried to share
with you the possible scenarios and their
possible effects.
Do you know where we should look for early
signs of the possibility of this work?
The first is of course the price of Bitcoin.
The higher the probability, the higher.
We’ve already talked.
The second is the increasing frequency of
news about Bitcoin from mainstream American
The third is that Trump, the Democrats and
the republicans unite in a moment.
Because although there are two opposing groups,
democrats and republicans can sometimes merge
when the interests of the country are concerned.
This, of course, may mean that a possible
law can be enacted much faster.
Fourth, and perhaps the most important of
What capital wants.
I think the capital groups see a future in
Bitcoin, but it doesn’t matter if you believe
in Bitcoin or something.
If they put a stick in their wheel, I think
they’ll stop and look at it first and see
if I can get used to this business and use
this technological trend to my advantage.
On the one hand, technology never goes back.
He always goes forward, he has to go.
Even if the capital in question is required
to keep up with this train.
If they didn’t, these guys would still be
using cash.
Anyways, If capital can use it in its favor,
it will continue in its own way, and if it
cannot use it, as I said, it wages war as
the fourth article.
Believe me, this isn’t just for Bitcoin.
I think they could be against anything that
would break their own capital, even if it’s
the Libra coin of Facebook, which we call
American company.
Of course, I’m telling you again, not things
that could happen in the morning.
For the long term, it’s one of the scenarios
I set out for the future of Bitcoin, which
I’m not making up.
As I said, such issues began to be expressed.
I’m just working on more arguments, whatever
events can happen.
I share them with you.
Otherwise, of course, I believe that Bitcoin
will come to the end.
If you ask my opinion, for example, could
Bitcoin be $ 100,000?
Sure, but under the bridge until there is
a lot of water flows so 100,000 dollars directly
in the form of löp brother can not be okay.
Especially new friends need to know.
Because someone convinced us that when we
first entered the market, Bitcoin would go
straight on a straight road and it would be
$ 1 million.
In this perception you’ll remember or even
in 2017 pumped news everywhere.
Believe me, on this road, Bitcoin will fall
harder and harder.
In my previous video, some friends questioned
my energy after Bitcoin fell hard.
Eren here, Bitcoin fell because you are still
very energetic and cheerful.
So let me say this at this point.
Napalım karalar Let’s connect, brother, this
is not the first time we have seen this film
many times.
According to E you are probably getting used
to at some point.
You’il get used to it.
You’il even laugh.
Of course, getting used to, laughing is certainly
not perceived as being depressed.
We need to build our strategy and be on the
It’s another matter.
Friends, we’re chatting here, and I’d like
to ask you to participate in this conversation.
If the Bitcoin is $ 100,000, yes, there may
be harsh bans from the United States to maintain
the dominance of the dollar for decades.
Yeah, maybe if they get stuck, they can get
a crypto-currency version of the US-backed
They may say that you can use Bitcoin for
free, but Bitcoin doesn’t end, it can’t.
It does not end in America.
It just goes down the stairs.
This is exactly what happened when crypto
money was banned in Iran.
Well, America doesn’t know what we know, of
course it does.
Let me tell you how they can permanently damage
America can use its own power to try to upside
the price, may try to damage.
Already in the long run, I believe in Bitcoin
incredibly, I need to sit down and talk right
and put bam bam on the table, so let’s not
make six empty Bitcoin beauties.
I’m very against it.
You know, it’s very hard right now, but Bitcoin
isn’t right, but if it slowly drops to $ 10
and stays there for years, all the shows on
Bitcoin will end.
Already Bitcoin has gone through what struggles
since 2009 but the way I believe that the
way will continue to be full of struggle and
I think it will continue its path full throttle.
Now, if you like, let’s try to answer the
questions from you in the previous video and
read your comments.
Now let’s give you the bonus information of
the day.
This time it’s something else.
Friends In Vietnam there is the largest cave
in the world
called Son Doong.
You know, it’s
a huge underground city, you know?
It is estimated to be 139 kilometers long.
Moreover, this cave has its own beaches, mountains,
rivers, climate.
It is written and even drawn that there are
unexplored animal species.
I was so surprised when I found out.
If you are interested, see the internet.
It’s called Son Doong Cave.
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