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Zimbabwe’s now-defunct billion dollar notes and living with
hyperinflation the US dollar is now legal tender along with the South African Rand the
puller from Botswana and the British Pound using multiple
currencies has made goods available but some say
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probably get support that there was once a bite notable Zimbabwe has had no current up its own since 2009 the central bank
recently about the use at the Australian dollar Chinese one Indian Rupee and Japanese
yen government that using it’s a good thing import good would-be yeah but some economists warn that the
country economic problem president Robert Mugabe
has just turned ninety years old he’s Africa’s oldest leader and it
doesn’t appear to be a plan for succession factionalism and
infighting within is on the PF party is making investors nervous Mugabe’s
black economic empowerment policies also a concern for some in the
international community as the bubble economy it’s in a comatose
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development its economy fifth got their dad with official property rights not with
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fifty a 33 TP got Zimbabwe’s liquidity crisis has seen businesses close the industrial
sector keeps laying off workers and banks aren’t lending money the
unemployment rate is more than eighty percent corruption in state-run
companies is at an all-time high government
officials blame Western sanctions for the country’s problems some people
here worries about the economy is in and irreparable state how to meet
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