what’s up everyone it’s 2019 and there
are a thousand and one ways to store
your crypto at this point you’ve got
paper wallets you’ve got hardware
wallets you’ve got desktop mobile
wallets all these different ways to
store crypto you know if you’re a
Bitcoin cash holder you probably leave
all of it on an unsecured exchange but
that’s neither here nor there today we
are looking at a crazy way to store your
crypto and that is this the Frank
Mueller encrypted watch this is an
absolute game changer guys I’m super
excited to do this video today it’s
gonna be a lot of fun so let’s get in
there and check out the world’s first
functional crypto currency wallet in a
Swiss watch okay
so obviously this is complete
over-the-top overkill
I love that about it this thing is just
absolutely next level in terms of the
amount of like thought that really went
into the design and actually getting to
the point where you’re even able to scan
the QR code on the dial and actually use
it for deposits I mean it took a ton of
engineering to get everything kind of
dialed in the way that they wanted it
now obviously I’m a crypto guy but
something a lot of you probably don’t
know is I actually do enjoy modding
watches in my free time it’s something
I’ve been doing for a couple of years
now and it’s a lot of fun so this was
something that was kind of a particular
stand out to me and when Frank Miller
reached out to us I was absolutely
excited to get this done you know I
believe Hublot did a Bitcoin watch we’ve
seen a few other micro brands of done
Bitcoin watches let’s just stylized it’s
just got a Bitcoin be on it or something
like that but this is functional I can
actually store my Pitt coin on my wrist
you know if I’m out in a business
meeting and we shake hands on a deal we
can complete the transaction right there
just wrist up to the person and boom but
anyway a little bit about the watch
itself so
it’s by Frank Mueller Geneva obviously
you know it’s absolutely gorgeous the
one I have here is actually a prototype
watch that they kind of they beelined it
over to me before it’s even gone out for
production as far as I’m aware basically
just me and the guys over at Frank
Mueller are the only people that have
seen this model yet so this one’s 316l
stainless steel it’s got your usually
you know a sapphire crystal very scratch
resistant as the FM 800 movement in
their automatic movement with a 42 hour
power reserve I believe but kind of some
cool little more intricate things about
the watch itself are the dial is
actually the QR code from the Bitcoin
Genesis block which it’s those little
attention to detail type things that I
really think make it stand out but of
course the main feature is that QR code
and an interesting one with this is the
QR code is actually flown out from
France to an aerospace company so that
they’re able to get in there and
actually do the laser etching fine
enough to actually get a readable QR
code in such a little form factor and
with that QR code there is a wealth of
options in terms of what you can do with
it when you order it you can have them
do the kind of basic setup that they you
know it’s like their stock option where
you get a I believe it’s a cold card and
you just have it linked to that cold
card and the QR is then you know linked
to that or if you already have an active
wallet one that you’re already using you
can send that public address to them and
they will put that on the dial you can
even go way out there like they said
they at one customer that I guess just
kind of wants the feelgood’s and he has
one of the largest blockchain wallets
out there on it so that when you scan it
you can go and see thousands and
thousands of Bitcoin now myself
obviously I want one that I personally
have access to and use it kind of like a
total safe if you will I’m
usually a holder I’m a traitor but I am
starting to accumulate Bitcoin once
again and why not have it on my wrist I
mean it’s just too cool guys
so let’s spin around I’m gonna do a
little unboxing for you you can see the
presentation and really just what an
amazing job Frank Mueller did on this so
let’s spin around and check that out all
right well let’s get in here and check
out this beauty all right so they got I
love that you start with just the the
Bitcoin orange so you pop it open and
you are greeted yes you seriously get a
stainless steel copy of your public key
yeah Frank Mueller right on there it’s
got the QR code and the key itself the
watch of course which I’ll pull out in
just a moment and then over here is if
you do opt for that the kind of stock
option so inside here you’ve got your
little hardware wallet which actually is
an opened I’m not a cold card sorry
about that and of course we have the
launch itself which is just absolutely
gorgeous take this off here and one of
my favorite features is that great
little Bitcoin engraving that they’ve
got in their obviously limited edition
you got your number there it is just
gorgeous great looking clasp as well I
tell you guys this is just an absolutely
gorgeous watch and the functionality
just takes it to the next level for me
so obviously the presentation is just
absolutely next-level on this watch so
just incredibly impressive I absolutely
love it
okay so obviously the presentation is
just absolutely spot-on if just
everything about it is gorgeous the way
that it’s all laid out I think is a
super professional look it really and
you know with the orange box it appeals
to the Bitcoin guy at me but that’s all
aesthetics and what this is about is the
so I’m gonna spin around here we’re
going to show you just how easy it is to
actually run a transaction through this
thing and I just I’m telling you guys
it’s mind-blowing so let’s take a look
at that and get some actual Bitcoin onto
the watch alright so obviously this is
the meat and potatoes of the watch let’s
get some Bitcoin on there so for ease of
use I’m just gonna be doing coinbase I
know I still have some Bitcoin just kind
of sitting around in here yeah yeah yeah
so what we’re gonna do is just send it
all hit continue
alright and let’s scan that wallet there
we go
I love it so we’ll just put in crypto
for our note enter and let’s send away
coinbase is doing its usual fighting of
me because that’s let’s see there we go
pull a few digits off the end because of
the network fees there we go all right
and crypto send away there we go all
right now just to show you what I love
about the blockchain so simple so quick
so we’re actually going to go in here
and if you have a QR code reader
obviously you can also read that code
and there we go it gives the text of our
public key so I’m just gonna copy that
we’re gonna open up the blockchain
Explorer site and just put in that
public key there
it’s a Bitcoin address and would you
look at that you’ve already got the
transfer incoming I love it it is just
too cool Bitcoin on a watch alright so
you’ve seen the functionality of the
encrypt Oh watch you know it really is
just an absolute next level
I guess crypto accessory I mean it’s
it’s the ultimate wallet as far as I’m
concerned this is just so cool but if
you are interested in getting in in
crypto for yourself check down below in
the description and use the link that we
have there if you use the crypto play
house code there you’ll actually get one
of these custom straps for the watch you
get an extra one for free and that is no
little giveaway these are custom-made
for the watch you won’t find another
strap anywhere else that fits it this
well and being able to swap out and have
an extra one is always a good thing for
a watch person but also when you’re over
there be sure and check out the other
styles they’ve got a rose gold they’ve
got stainless they’ve got a titanium one
of my personal favorites is the carbon
fiber and of course their biggest
sellers have been the just absolute
balls-to-the-wall busts down ones if you
want to get this thing completely
blinged out and covered just to the brim
in diamonds you can do it everything
from the case to the dial
you can get the Bitcoin be on the inside
inlaid with diamonds so definitely go
check out the other options as well as I
said this one is not available on the
market yet but it will be shortly and
yeah I hope you guys enjoyed taking a
look at this absolutely awesome and
ridiculous little piece of crypto
hardware hopefully I see one of you
running around wearing an encrypt oh
watch one of these days