Whats up everyone, I’m Aiza Mercado and welcome back to Earn Money With Aiza. With my Youtube Channel, i will be teaching you how to make money online using your internet/WIFI PC/Laptops and your mobile phones. Please consider subscribing and like now this video to join our 300 pesos load giveaway! Okay now, many people are asking what site im researching for new apps and sites that im posting here in my channel? Okay now, i will be sharing 1 website where im doing a research whether its a scam or legit whether paying or not… Now, i will be sharing you this www.cryptotalk.org Basically, this is a forum which we can ask and submit ideas and we can share paying sites and apps too! More like cryptoworld, bounty program which we need to do tasks, free airdrops, paying exhanges, trading platforms, marketplace, ICO/IEO, mobile apps which we can see paypal earning apps, wallets which there are lots of btc wallet other than coins.ph tutorials, mining, services, gambling, HYIP, free coins and off topic. In off topic section, you can ask here not related to crypto. What i like the most about this site they are conducting bounty program or campaign. Cryptotalk.org is a cryptocurrency, ICO, IEO, airdrop and blockchain. In this forum, you can learn useful information about crypto, and ofcourse meet useful people. Now, this is the most awaited campaign with this site This forum pays 1000 satoshi per one message. Well basically, if you message and post comments they will pay you 0.00001 btc or 1000 satoshi! It means that you can earn money just by learning crypto and communicating with people. To earn satoshi, you should also sign up in Yobit exchange later i will show you how to do that. Strict rules are here too you can only post 30 times per day thats means, you can earn 30000 sats per day and users have to post only construction messages! Each post must contain 100+ characters Moderators will check first our post before they pay us. Okay, now we will create a Yobit account and go to www.yobit.net just sign up and verify your email address and now lets proceed with our username then select cryptotalk campaign. Question: How to connect Cryptotalk account in Yobit? Here you will see a box that ask for cryptotalk UID. all you have to do is to enter your cryptotalk email address and your id username will generate itself. Once your post has been approved all earnings will be shown here and click send to my BTC wallet balance. Ofcourse it will be shown here in your Yobit Wallet and from here, you can now withdraw it. Basically, im sharing you this site where so you can check other paying apps and sites and aside from that, you can earn 1000 satoshi per post. I hope this video helps you researching more apps and sites and in case you got new earnings way i am open for your suggestions and recommendations. Dont forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more updates please join my 300 pesos load give away too i will put the google form on the comment section. Then again, thanks again for watching my name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!