does earning cryptocurrency just for
browsing the web sound interesting to
you if it does make sure that you stick
with me to the very end of this video
make sure that you pay close attention
because I’m gonna be sharing with you
two different methods that you can use
just browsing the web doing things that
you would normally do every single day
and you can earn cryptocurrency for just
doing things that you would do every
single day anyways this happens
absolutely on autopilot there’s no
special things that you have to do but
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so without further ado let’s jump into
this video I’m going to show you exactly
how you can start generating
cryptocurrency just for browsing the web
okay so let’s jump right on into this
the first thing that you’re going to
want to do is you’re going to want to
visit this website right here coin based
comm I will leave a link to this website
in the description and the reason that
you want to visit this website is
because you want to get started by
clicking this button up here creating an
account and getting your own coin base
wallet established because this is where
you’re going to buy and sell all the
cryptocurrency that you’re earning so
that you can turn in into actual cash if
that’s what you’re wanting to do or
actually buy Bitcoin because some of
these currencies are in different crypto
currencies so if you want to buy
bitcoins specifically you will have to
cash it in and then actually buy Bitcoin
and this is the perfect platform to do
that so and this is one that I actually
highly recommend using this is the one
that I actually use myself so I don’t
want to sidetrack you but I do want to
point out one thing on this website that
is really important that I talk about on
a different video that I will actually
leave a link to in the description as
well that you can click on and check
that out but I do want to show you one
thing that’s very important if you want
to learn about cryptocurrency if you’re
unfamiliar with exactly what’s going on
with cryptocurrency and stuff like that
I’m gonna show you one place on this
website that you can actually click to
get paid to learn about cryptocurrency
and that’s if you go right up here to
where it says products come down to
where it says earn right here and then
they have a bunch of different videos
that you can actually watch and get paid
cryptocurrency just for watching these
videos now I’m not gonna go too deep
into this at all I just wanted to point
that out because this is a great place
that you can actually earn some extra
just for watching videos so let’s jump
into what we’re actually talking about
today and stop sidetracking here so step
number one is ensure that you have your
coin base wallet established and set up
that way you can buy and sell all the
cryptocurrency that you are earning and
then you can convert it into Bitcoin or
cash it out turn it into PayPal cash or
actually send it straight to your bank
account and turn it into actual dollars
up to you exactly what you want to do
with that so establish your coin base
wallet then you’re going to come over
here to where you’re going to install
this browser and I believe leave a link
in the description to this website as
well and this is one of the methods that
you’re going to use to actually start
getting paid cryptocurrency for free
just for browsing the internet and the
way that you’re going to do that is just
by changing out your brows
so if you’re using Firefox Google Chrome
Internet Explorer or edge any of those
you’re going to want to change that out
for crypto tab browser and what’s really
cool about this browser is it’s very
very fast it looks exactly like GRU
Google Chrome so if you’re used to using
google chrome this is very very similar
to Google Chrome and all you’re going to
do is install this browser and you’re
gonna use this browser as your default
browser instead of Google Chrome or any
of the other browsers that you might be
so let’s very quickly here just take a
look at the website and browse through
here there’s a few things that I want to
point out that are key that you need to
pay attention to it might help answer
some of your questions right up here at
the top they have a frequently asked
frequently asked questions tab you can
click on that and they will dive further
into detail if there’s any questions
that you have that I am not covering in
this video because there’s a lot going
on here but it’s actually very very
simple so like I said you’re gonna get
paid for surfing the web and this is
just for using this browser you install
this browser you surf the web like you
normally would you’re going to get paid
for doing this this is the world’s first
browser with the mining feature there’s
five million users around the globe
already using this browser I’m like I
said it is just like Google Chrome they
discussed that a little bit further down
the page here and then so if you’re
using like Google Chrome or any of the
other browsers you can effortlessly
import your data from those browsers so
if you have bookmarks or favorites
anything like that that might be holding
you on to a certain browser you can
import those very very seamlessly with a
built-in feature that they have in the
crypto tab browser so makes it very very
easy for you to switch and then if you
use a lot of different extensions and
stuff like that plugins in your browser
the crypto tab browser supports up to
150,000 different extensions so just
like Google Chrome you can do a lot of
the same stuff here and then basically
what’s happening here too is if you want
to multiply your efforts if you really
like crip sub-tab browser and you like
earning cryptocurrency just for browsing
the web you can invite your friends to
use this browser as well and the more
people that you invite I think it goes
like 10 layers deep you can start
earning crypto currency for all the
browsing that they’re doing as well so
another way to multiply your efforts
and get paid more cryptocurrency just
for inviting your friends and telling
them about this as well they give you an
affiliate link that you can actually
send out and they can install this
browser and then you start getting paid
on all the browsing and stuff that
they’re doing on the web as well so make
sure that you pay attention to that very
very simple stuff easy to do an easy way
to multiply your efforts
now just moving a little bit further
down the page here one thing I wanted to
point out that we’ve kind of already
discussed is you want to make sure that
you had this browser set as your default
browser because that way you’re going to
be using it as much as you possibly can
and the more that you use this browser
the more that the browser window is open
the more Bitcoin that you are going to
be mining and that’s basically what it’s
discussing right here now if we move a
little bit further down the page I want
to point this out they have an income
calculator and this has to do with if
you were actually referring this out to
your friends and like I said this is a
very simple way to actually maximize
your efforts for using this browser so
if you would if we were going to assume
that you referred this to five friends
and those five friends referred it to
their five friends and it went ten
layers deep just like you see right here
in this analogy right here if we
actually hit the calculate my income
button you could potentially be earning
$40,000 six hundred forty thousand six
hundred and thirty six dollars or 3.8 to
Bitcoin just for doing what we just
discussed so I thought that was pretty
neat and a very effective way to
actually make some insane amount of
money just for doing something very very
simple and sharing how much you like
using this browser so now let’s move on
to the next phase of this because
there’s a another process in this that
you can use in conjunction with this to
actually maximize your efforts so the
third piece of this process and like I
said this works in conjunction with the
crypto tab browser that I was just
talking about so if we do this and using
conjunction with crypto tab browser now
you’re basically getting paid for using
a browser and using a search engine
because that’s basically what pre search
is so if you’re familiar with Google
being Yahoo pre search is just a search
engine and you’re gonna get paid in
cryptocurrency for doing your searches
on pre search so the way that you get
started with doing this is by coming to
this page and I will leave a link in the
description and you get signed up it’s
very very easy to sign up to giving your
name and your email address sign up very
easy and then you’re gonna get paid in
cryptocurrency just for doing your
searches through pre search when you
search you’ll be war
rewarded with pre searches pre crypto
tokens these tokens can be used to buy
services or trade it for other
cryptocurrencies so if you remember in
the beginning of this video I told you
make sure that you have a coin base
account because you’re going to need to
be able to exchange these sell your
presearch coins and buy Bitcoin or
something like that if you want to trade
them out and actually get different
cryptocurrencies or actually convert
that into cash or PayPal but one other
thing I saw on this website that was
actually really cool is they didn’t that
track or store any of your searches so
if you’re using something like
DuckDuckGo to actually do your web
browsing I know that’s that’s something
that I use because I don’t track any of
your internet searches and I don’t like
to be tracked so if that’s something
that is important to you you can do that
through pre search as well because
they’re not storing any of your
information while you’re browsing around
on the web so I wanted to show you an
actual example because I have signed up
and tested this out to make sure it
works because it’s very important to me
that I am giving you the best possible
advice and that it’s solid information
so if we actually check out pre search
this is what it looks like after you
actually sign up and it looks pretty
much just like Google except it says pre
search up here at the top and what I
thought was cool is when you type in
your actual search you can actually
choose which search engine you’re
actually searching through so you can
still search through Google you’re just
gonna actually start your search right
here so they also have DuckDuckGo on
here they have Twitter Facebook and coin
market cap and my familiar with that one
and then either scan so we’re just gonna
say Google for now and we’ll just run a
search for let’s just run a search for
my challenge yeah ban it live and what
you’ll notice is it gives you a small ad
just for maybe one or two seconds and
that’s going to redirect you to your
search you’re right here at Google and
we’ve now searched Google just like you
normally would so nothing crazy going on
here and what you’ll notice if we go
back is it adds a little bit of this pre
search coin every single time you run a
search and then you can cash these out
with your coin base by selling them and
buying either Bitcoin PayPal or whatever
you want to do with your money that’s
your business but you’re going to need a
coin based account just like I was
saying earlier in this video so there
you have it you guys this is a
exactly how you can get started surfing
the web and getting paid cryptocurrency
just for doing things that you would do
every single day anyways nothing special
or crazy going on here everything is
100% secure and very very legit so there
you have it my friends that’s how you
can get paid just for browsing the web
and doing things that you would do
already every day anyways earn that
cryptocurrency very very easy to do
however you most likely not get rich
just browsing the web and earning a
small amount of cryptocurrency that’s a
nice way to put some extra food on the
table or maybe buy some clothes or you
know whatever it is you want to do just
for some extra side cash but that is not
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