Here’s what happened in the world of
blockchain and cryptocurrency in the last one week. Coming up … Hi I’m Ajay from Koinlocker and I make these short videos to bring you the latest from the world
of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the last one week. If you’re new to my channel consider subscribing The Chamber of Deputies of Brazil has ordered to
establish a commission to regulate Bitcoin and other digital currencies in
Brazil. The Financial Action Task Force will officially present rules pertaining
to cryptocurrencies at the G20 Finance Ministers meeting in June in Japan, while
companies will have until 2021 to adapt to the rules Malaysia’s Securities Commission has begun registering cryptocurrency platforms
after it started regulating the crypto space earlier this year. The first three
crypto operators have been conditionally approved and given 9 months to comply with the registration requirements. Meanwhile 19 crypto operators have been
told to cease operations. The order also stated that operating digital assets
platform without authorization from the Securities Commission is an offence
under the securities law. World leaders will gather in Osaka as Japan hosts its first ever G20 summit the 28th and 29th of June Besides the G20
countries there are invited guest countries and international
organizations that will be participating including The United Nations, The
International Monetary Fund, The World Bank and The World Trade Organization.
Cryptocurrencies regulations and how users should be protected in the new
financial system are being discussed at the conference The US-based cryptocurrency company Bittrix announced on the 7th of June that it would no
longer allow its US customers to operate 32 types of cryptocurrencies
after the June 21st. The announcement came just a day after many non-US customers on another crypto platform Poloniex lost a total of $13.5 million due to a flash crash in a little-known cryptocurrency called Clams. Bittrex’s decision to block assets
appear to be motivated by a desire to prevent something similar from happening to its US customers. Two major Indian news agencies have report that bill entitled. ” Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of
Official Digital Currencies bill 2019, is the official proposal by the
inter-ministerial panel. The economic times and the Bloombergquint wrote about it however both publications have been
vague about their sources providing no evidence to the bill’s legitimacy. While
the local media have made outrageous claims about the details of the bill
industry experts have pointed out numerous flaws and inaccuracies.
Meanwhile the country’s Finance Secretary has confirmed that the crypto
regulation is ready to be submitted to the Finance Minister for approval. is a merchant directory listing companies that support
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both potential customers who want to find places to spend the digital
currencies and also for businesses that are willing to accept digital assets for
their products and services. Businesses can get listed on the portal for free and promote the products and services That’s all the time we have today and if
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