Hi this is Stephen Kelso I run Galaxy
Digital in Europe. Galaxy is a digital
asset crypto investment bank, we have the
sole objective of being the
institutional client or investors
partner into the ecosystem and we do
four things we do principal investing, we
do advisory, we do asset management and
we’re one of the biggest traders of
digital assets. Tonight’s networking
event with SVK (Crypto) is very important for
Galaxy because it is really
emphasizing London’s dominance as the
crypto capital along with the Zurich
area in Switzerland in Europe so for a
long time the focus has very much been
on America and Asia but now because of
the the capital flows particularly from
emerging markets and to develop markets
through the portal of London. crypto is
now very much starting to flourish here.
SVK is obviously part of the the EOS
ecosystem and we work very closely with
them on our EOS fund. London is very
important for Galaxy Digital because
we are a global business clearly
blockchain and digital assets this is a
global phenomenon. London is very
important to the whole blockchain space
because there are many very
sophisticated investors, hedge funds,
institutional wealth managers, asset
managers and trading companies in London
so clearly the institutional herd
has arrived as evidenced by many of the
recent survey is probably most notable
the fidelity survey where they
highlighted 22% of institutional asset
managers interviewed had already
invested in digital assets so we can see
many of the the traditional asset,
brokers and players starting to make
announcement for the last couple of
months so we’re very bullish on London
for the foreseeable.
I think one of the the biggest
developments that I really expect will
happen will be over the next few months
we will start to see a gradual
decoupling in performance from asset
managers who have already introduced one,
two, three, four % of digital assets
into their portfolio
so clearly given the recent volatility
turbulence in the markets and it is a
small portion of hedge funds who have
done very well but I think we will start
to see more of their traditional
long/short equity hedge funds starting
to add crypto to the portfolios and I
think that’s the big thing to look out