so hello people are you going today and
today are these banknotes from the Gambia and any of these – but you can
get these in 25 50 and $100 see and I like to show these because these are one
even better types of banknotes from The Gambia
as you can see he’s quite colorful it has a child from the Gambia and the five
and the bird here is the giant Kingfisher and in the background he has
a monkey coconut and a boat so that’s good for patination and down here i
that’s two languages probably one is Fulani maybe everyone can use probably
Arabic I am Not sure because I can’t find much information on it then it’s
just a domination anyway and we had the signatures of the governors and you
would Marquis a crocodile which is yeah which is also on the $1 coin okay also
has a security thread which has imprinted on the central bank in the
game here on the reverse has a farming scene with a herding cattle that’s yeah
we don’t have this type of cattle in Australia but they’re pretty common in
Africa so dead easy $5 seemed nice patination here beautiful this is way
better than Australian money okay so when you go to gamble you actually use
this one but current banknotes I have child’s head or the ethnic groups
head the place was the former president I do some Benny
no I can’t remember his name anyway it was deposed earlier this year because he
was any hissy fit over not winning the
election okay so this one there’s a sacred Ibis and then here’s a sacred
Ibis flying in the background and they’re also sorry they also contain a
pattern of an indigenous plant but I’m not too sure what plant disease he has
two denominations down here and I like this patination here as you can see
there behind the person it makes it quite an attractive banknote and we have
a security feature here so this sort of triangle will if you hold it up it
should come through and match up with the other side and on this Bank we have
the central bank as you know Ben Jordan which is the capital of the Gambia okay
so also has crocodiles the watermarks and I hear that the game view is
actually a popular tourist attraction for those from Europe you know for me to
go there cost too much money so I’ll just click their money instead so these
are still legal tender so if you want to get the game being get some more money
you just fought off a bang daddy’s cool so they beautiful banknotes
of the game yeah hope you like this please give it a thumbs up if you do min
they have an awesome day