hello and welcome to my Genesis morning
update so it’s the 10th of December
Sunday in Australia beautiful Sunday
afternoon and I’m yeah so I keep getting
asked is it any more Genesis morning
Bitcoin contracts and the answer is no
or is it I’ll give you a little tip so
obviously the moment Genesis morning
there is no Bitcoin no – no like coin
not the area there anyone let an Jose
Castillon that’s Manero there’s nothing
wrong with Manero but it’s obviously not
as profitable as the Bitcoin mining I
mean realistically if you’re not Bitcoin
mining or at least IC o—- flipping you
know they’re the two most legitimate
things on our out there at the moment
he’s 1% lending programs you know
they’ve all got a shelf life so it’s up
to you and I mean each their own I’m not
here to change your mind about anything
this is what I am doing so I was going
to show you how it works so if you don’t
need to Bitcoin mining obviously I’m
going to give you a quick rundown so the
basic minimum well I’ll tell you the
main where you can get them from your
Swiss gold global we’ve been in
partnership with us genesis morning for
at least the last year and no one ever
the 1 million customers of Genesis
morning can buy between contracts at the
moment only unless you’re a Swiss gold
global member so that’s it a nugget for
you if you really want this con you want
the contracts that bear that’s any place
you can be able to get them at the
moment as a free member and you can have
five tier hash and a paid member like
affiliate member is signing up to twenty
five tier hash and that’s it
so once he that 2048 Terra her she can’t
buy anymore and so obviously the next
batch come here
and the freemen but obviously only five
Terra so if you do become a free member
and you get your five tower hash and
then you want more you’re gonna have to
upgrade so as simple as that so let’s
just be anyone that hasn’t jumped into
Bitcoin mining and see me quick example
here so you’re paying $179 for a
thousand Giga house which is obviously
the equivalent of one tera hash the best
way to work out your earnings is to come
some calculator which I’ll leave at the
scripts I’ll leave the link in the
description below so I’m gonna make it
easy and then you go up thousand
thousand Giga hash which comes up
obviously sitting on the rate of Bitcoin
roughly at the moment and then we hit
calculate and that will give you so
hundred nine dollars one off once my
computer picks up some speed I’m
upstairs the office size has been slow
so okay he’ll be getting roughly $2 an
eighth gross a day so you can paid every
day so this will be coming to you I
provided the minimum amount see so two
point zero zero zero one five I think
they’ve raised that now two point zero
zero two or three to five so you know so
so when they’re sitting out you know
you’re not getting hit with mining fees
and that as much mining fees I should
say so 2008 gross so what we have with
Genesis mining so you have sort of a two
thousand eight so then you times that by
point two eight just about 28% in mine
fear like make sure she cost us up with
that so you’re losing fifty eight cents
of that so two dollars and eight – you
fifty eight cents so every day you’d be
receiving one dollar 50 with a Bitcoin
now provided you obviously meet the
threshold for the daily payout so you
wouldn’t when you first start if you
only started with one Zaros
so now if your time’s up by 365 days
that $117 is earning you 547 a year so
that’s more than banks going to give you
up on it that way and to work out say
work it out 547 divided by the 179 so
it’s three hundred percent over the year
and I don’t want to see Microsoft edge
is safely and chrome that’s so cool
so it’s three hundred times in your
money for that year now obviously this
changes obviously that the rate changes
so it depends on the Bitcoin rate so if
you were a free member and you’re coming
in at five thousand Giga house or five
Tara house you’d be roughly about ten
dollars lots of loads
$10 forty-two so obviously $10 forty-two
a day times two point two eight just
sent it so 290 the say 292 so 1042 – the
was it – okay ma’am it was oh say 3.2
say 286 seven so it’s been say seven
eight dollars a day right many a times
that by 365 you know what I’m trying to
say so be 2759 I’m pretty sure a five
gear your hash is about there you go
8:45 so divide 8:45 so you be three
hundred and twenty six percent for the
year so that’s great I mean a bank
you’re not even you’re lucky get one
percent for year so you’re only three
hundred times and yet if you serve a
three hundred percent so that’s how it
so with swisco global obviously to go to
work you go remember to the dignity rate
changes so saying the next eight
is the difference here it comes down
obviously we like that see 856 now the
only problem is the contracts at the
moment won’t be activated till March the
15th so you have to determine if it’s
worth getting into it i buying it today
and holding it and not gonna get paid
till March or you’re holding Bitcoin
that time I mean Bitcoin could be at
whatever from this week we’ve seen this
week I mean it could be up so who knows
oh yeah it’s like – 18,000 nearly 20,000
now you know and as the futures are
coming in tomorrow supposedly the
futures markets so there’s only a lot of
coin coming in into Bitcoin obviously
it’s the coin market Kat’s been
interesting because it was up to four
hundred billion and now it’s down to 368
so it’s interesting and BTC dominance
was like 65% actually lying to us three
days ago so that’s very interesting so
good time the buyer volts at the moment
that’s a different story obviously can
see my other videos for that kind of
stuff but I’m at other than that guys
the so like I said you can’t Swiss coal
global you become a free member you dork
a might seem obviously it’s a weak at
the moment so you’re probably on wait
until tomorrow day after we tuck it in
today do how I see and once you accept
it then you can stop on your Bitcoin
contracts so it’s like I said free come
in or the upgraded membership so you’d
pay you 249 so I’m going to assume it’d
be 249 up front and then your first
month’s obviously taken care of and then
after that it’s $50 a month to keep your
subscription going you get about 50
dollars in gold or silver it’s up to you
you get 200 Giga hash or bonus power to
start with now this is saying it starts
28th of February I am not sure about
that I’m pretty sure that could be right
for just that part but the rest of the
contracts you’re buying from now is
definitely master 15th so and that’s how
that works for that one so Gold’s
obviously for the pace the whole years I
pays your membership the $50 months for
12 months you get $120 with a gold or
you’re only getting 500 gig aha shove
power to start off then you’ve got the
ambassador so it’s a three thousand
dollar one time so they includes the
gold package in this and you’re getting
750 worth of gold or silver and you’re
starting with five Terra hash so you
could come in get the five bonus Terra
hash suppose we start on the February 28
and then you can also buy up to 20 honey
it’s it’s either 15 or 25 gig on top
that you can buy because you’d be a paid
member so you’d be hitting the ground
running pretty much once march 15 starts
and even if this part air house does
starting with 28 so you’re you gonna get
a head start 16 or 17 a head start
earning a five Terra house which we
showed was about ten dollars a day when
it at the moment at the current price
anyway so you definitely be any of the
big head start or you’ve got the
Platinum package so putnams a five
thousand one time obviously obviously
that’s also the monthly included I think
after twelve months I’ve the original
twelve months with this you just pay
fifty a month after that okay so that’s
how it works
this one you’re getting 15 Terra house
straight up now if that’s the same case
and nine hundred dollars of gold and
silver if this is the case you let me
start at fifteen Sarah hash every
workout that straight away fifteen yeah
whoops ninety-day fifteen thousand so
fifteen Terra hash at the moment would
be $31 de gross so it’s not bad
obviously about 950 one gross per month
so it’s pretty huge
obviously this that’s gross amounts had
a twenty percent off and I like I said
special the difference here eight and
how much Bitcoin is actually worth at
that present time so this is just a
guide this isn’t fun eh look boss around
financial advisors or that on the side
and this is paid days here 31 gross to
be paid daily to your Bitcoin oh you
know your Bitcoin wallet depends where
you’ve got it but I think you shouldn’t
be keeping on exchanging there’s another
nugget for years and that’s how that
works guys and pretty much look at it
today but bitcoins up it so I just
coming down scum there
13,000 370 so we’re going to pull back
yeah good time to buy alts at the moment
definitely a good time with its leading
it this is going to change pretty quick
by let’s say so if you insert an any
favorite either old coins so I grab some
obviously now a price you I come in at
and pick them up so oh that guys I’m I
have a fast link down below for joins a
Swiss coal global we can get a you know
get head start for next G otherwise you
can either just hold your Bitcoin and
just see how you go but obviously if you
want to passive income this is a good
way to start
obviously these are harder these are
that hard to get now it’s not funny it’s
unfortunately at the moment this is the
way we have to move forward is to
increase sales for months in advance
unfortunately when I started as
definitely you could just buy every day
you can compound every day obviously you
want to compound as well so once you do
get to March 15 and you’re getting every
day hopefully it’s nearly gonna get back
to the stage whereby the might be 15
they’re building new compounds and new
mining farms we can start buying again
daily or compounding daily and that’s
the way to do it I mean this can replace
your wage right now literally especially
becoming in it if you’re definitely
buying the market and then platinum I
know it’s like that seems like a lot of
money you getting 15 Terra hash and then
you have the ability in swisco be able
to buy another or say another 15 that’s
30 GB like nearly 60 day and then you
start compounding you can pan that for a
good year so it will easily replace you
your income if he is still a day job so
so I’ve got a fast start link at the
bottom of this video have a look it says
AIT pretty much teach ahead it so
everything has sign up the whole lot
how do you kyc I can’t remember else
isn’t there but it doesn’t matter many
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