so hello fellow collectors he said Glenn
here and today I have some German note gallon now the first thing you’ll see
about these bad news is that they’re quite colorful and these were not only
issued in Germany so these are mainly German ones so they also issued to a
lesser extent in Austria and France and now issue because of the scarcity of our
small denomination coins and sometimes like I think a lot of these without
issued as collectors items that I was sold just so people could collect them
and some of them were issued for circulation and various cities around
Germany issued em but also there were the German railway company it’s a not
the Bundesbank right span I think it was called back
then maybe it was called something else and also companies as well as provincial
governments Hyden city level you should they spend nice so this one has a castle
this is from vinegar water and they were called shine deer start going go all day
you know if you speak German and no no right Germans actually watch my channel
I’m sorry for butchering German I’m an Australian English speaker so that’s to
be expected and when do speaks the English user will
speak like this and have a very strong German accent yeah all the Germans I’ve
may have had some type of German accent but I accidents not important
look at this so has some witches going up to a castle looks like the castle
it’s that rare at the castle on fire then you have bat so this have might
have some resemblance to hell wing or something like that because I
know in Europe in some places I shall write in Halloween typo festival but if
you know what it is that actually you’d like to know actually come and look at
it Germans they celebrate Halloween so it
must be some ever festival did on that for me you live Oh could be like a
mythological story okay next one we heavy some what the who did so these
have serial numbers you know virtually nothing about no girl you’re just bit
sad it’s actually no real good website on no count so maybe someone would start
that little bit great so here we have some weapons spears looks like type of
axe ball and chain mmm has information in German my German is pretty poor and
here we have a building no better known in 21 this is 25 pfennigs so these are
mainly issued in Phoenix sometimes Rasheeda marks another one
little who did know God with who did they my 21st 15th I mean 1921 okay to
African people Ludvig young now I know the J’s pronounces one German if it’s
and here it looks like it says if I have tea but that’s actually in here so it’s
East yes East is just our equivalent not it so
that’s nice Google Isis Tifton New York turn holy so it’s probably the town hall
of the town there’s a flag of it another person for reef 2575 Phoenix so pretty
odd denomination so this is probably issued as a non circulation issue this
one actually looks like a circulated so the issue by looting um it has the
German flag at the time which is a upper volta in Africa actually adopted this
flag after gained independence and now that country’s Burkina Faso
so generally nationalists use that flag but I see nothing wrong with it and here
has some towns are actually round neat Europe no no time dude of fast I can’t
really dad I’m there just this is a 50 pfennig so it’s more like to circulated
it serial number me so some more like a hell of wing type Fein as well and so I
really should’ve been up I know he’s a number one that probably circulated
fifth the Fenig so has the first establishment of the town 1120 and 800
years later 1920 so of course it’s drink good could
have been just because I was at the people of handle it like me because this
being 1920 it’s almost it’s 98 years old so a lot of people would have handled
this you know I’d say at least half of them have a deceased you know which is
pity because people were interesting like you watching my video interesting
wanting to find the information and if YouTube’s around a hundred years from
now people will be wondering no only some people we were wondering what I was
like so here we have another thank no girl thank know yes I runs big and
that’s I think that’s in spring yeah 25 innings
obviously uncirculated so this is probably to see you know oh yeah by this
looks it looks pretty it’s a collector’s thing 1921 at this time 25 Phoenix would
have been pretty much useless in the SD horse which is actually on the coinage
before de unification of Germany in 1874 in on this side looks like we have there
a church and a lion monument at the front and these still probably
engravings are somewhere around on the church oh and this is actually one of
the first night girls I’ve got this is uh interesting Stein not the actual
country just the town and it has a industry deem below fifty thinnings
obviously just collect asylum now look this just current theme guy you know
Halloween type features so if I look it up maybe I can find something else about
it so these are no girls of Germany they were not legal tender all over Germany
they would have been legal tender just in areas that the issue I had legal
power so this is a the border Lobby de various towns and it was a series of
2,550 burnings that were issued as a Halloween thing so anyone say thank you
very much for watching my video they were awesome banknote collecting time
people because these night guilds are quite an interesting thing to collect so
if you click no counts I like the know down below what you think of these
banknotes and in general and what is your favorite no kelp banknote
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coin collecting time people bye-bye