so hello fellow banknote collectors my
name is Glenn and today I’m just gonna show you some rice marks from Germany
these are deivam are public issue and now an issue between 1924 as the state’s
says they’re to 1948 we’re now replaced with the deutsche mark in contrary to
what some people think these rice marks not issued by the Nazis this issue by a
democratically elected government to stop the hyperinflation that occurred in
German Germany between 1922 and 1924 okay so when they first denominated also
you shouldn’t have a type of banknotes called the rentenmark here’s a 5
rentenmark and these were issued in 1 2 5 10 50 100 500 and 1000 rentenmark
and they were equivalent to the rice mark and they also circulated up into
1948 but this one which is a the 1926 version was backed by parcels of land
that will mortgage body German government and that’s how they
stabilized the currency as you can see has a allegorical figure of a woman with
agriculture he has the Renton Banks mark which is a wheat and it has a watermark
looks like a planet flower it has weight on the paint so foon rentenmark deutsche
bank no do it’s your rent and bank this is the right bank here so the rentenmark
actually circulate along with the brush marks and I also issued coins
inna Brenton Finnick as well but we’ll get to that in another video so there
are actually various different different variations of the bank now like if I
show this one the watermark here is over okay the tower and on this one
the watermark is just flowers so this is the lighter version and it doesn’t have
the same watermark as the picture also II German bank 90 has I and lettering
like Indian banknotes now on this manga it does not have it and to tell another
difference on the back these serial numbers doesn’t have it here
and the same with up here and also the printing of this one is a bit different
than that so the reverse of this has a allegorical figure of a woman with a
sickle say agriculture on wheat and this has two children one with fruit and your
one with fish probably represent different industries in Germany and as I
said before as our tower on different it’s quite nice Bank now this is
actually the best one I have and this lettering here and there you also have
it in B F G K P Q R and s so I presume that will be the plate marker but I
can’t find any information on that okay so this one’s a pretty bad banknote
here I have the twenty Reichsmarks no these ones are oh pretty bad condition I
have B G I can’t tell might be a and as you can
see the glittering doesn’t correspond with the flight number
I’m just gonna call it a plate number and he says Werner von Siemens on it and
it has so first date is actually the date that I will first issued and the
second date is the date that this actual bank note was issued and the first lot
of rice marks banknotes actually a bit different in this so on the back we have
some no male figure with a hammer representing industry we also have two
children with industrial equipment as well for manufacturing in the water Mac
is like that and as with the ten rush mark the lighter ones issued during the
Second World War header flower figures no thing as well yeah look at that these
banknotes have indents of twenty and a star mmm this is a good count anti
counterfeiting feature of these banknotes which are a lot of other
countries especially 959 to Kingdom at the time didn’t have so this was more
advanced in security features than the UK and the US so the next time we have
this officially rock like my this one was issued in 1933 one has a name
everyone has a day and also has a the in the beautiful paper as well that’s the
coat of arms of Germany of the right by my republic and this one has a David
hansmann so this one’s bit better David husband and this one
and the reverse as mercury today mercury and has a literature for education
you know weights foot trade so another bad bank no greenish color and your
watermark as well beautiful water and in the Second World War the watermark was
actually a flower pattern like the ten Rush mark good I don’t have it and as
you can see on the back the serial numbers are the same and the same yeah
and the second highest one do you 100 rice smart was issued in 1935 and it has
a swastika in the background but still has the German coat of arms then beat
strange of why this banknote was not actually changed to reflect Nazi
ideology hmm so what the coins actually change this one is Justin Phan Liebig
it’s a new beak has a min watermark beautiful same security features as the
other ones as you can see it’s nice security Freddie nice and if I turn it
over as a woman with a flame and two female figures seated on either side
beautiful now there is also a one first formation
mouth obviously it’s bigger because these increasing value which in size
with value and that one’s well bit more expensive actually it’s quite expensive
actually so the lowest banknote was the tin rush
MA and during the Second World War they
actually used these D one two and five rent to mark Emery place for the coins
they didn’t actually issue the one and two Reichsmark to replace these but they
did issue a five base my you know 1942 and the twenty rush mark was actually
replaced in 1939 for a Nazi issue also another thing this bank note here it’s I
Oh what did I call it rice credit the coffin that’s it down there these were
issued by the German government for you Cena Russia excluding the Ukraine and
the Baltic States I’d like via livonian as Sonya these ones were not issued for
Germany itself and he’s coming 50 by pfennigs one two five ten not ten five
twenty and fifty rush marks so some people think that these were issued in
Germany itself no they won’t this says Brandenburg Gate on it so no
it’s not Brandenburg Gate can’t remember where that place is
no I’ll do another video on these anyway so I hope that clears that out it’s a
beautiful beautiful German banknotes I hope that you enjoyed this video and
these ones you can get quite easily on eBay and the values vary depending on
the condition and the time you buy and yeah the country by sone Germany they’re
probably a lot easier to get in any other countries I quite like them
I’m gonna get you one thousand wish mark sooner or later but there’s not that
many to buy so thank you very much for watching and
have awesome banknote clicking time people bye-bye