did you know that on the cover of a 1988
edition of The Economist magazine it was predicted that a new world currency
would take over in 2018 ever since bitcoin was released to the
public in 2009 crypto currencies have stormed a marketplace and in the last
nine years their popularity has exploded today there are almost 1,400 digitally
traded currencies in existence with the total market capitalization larger than
600 billion USD and many cryptocurrency users have shared in the massive profits
yielded from the enormous gains that were realized over the years so it
should come as no surprise that crypto is the new money the problem is many of
these digital currencies have little to no backing which is making them volatile
the alternative is to rely on traditional paper currencies many of
which are old and outdated and are backed by nothing more than the faith
and credit of unstable governments this is why the world needs God coin what is
God coin God coin is gold on demand it’s the divinely ordained currency of
the new world order this is the long-awaited currency of the kingdom of
Christ the one world currency that will unite everyone and will soon absorb all
other forms of money God coin will be truly lawful in God’s
eyes because it will combine the innovation of digital currencies with
the stability of gold and silver providing the optimal platform for a
utilitarian currency of the new era God coins unique proof of state system of
minting will have significant advantages over the commonly used proof-of-work
consensus algorithm that many other cryptocurrencies depend on energy
efficiency will be drastically improved so there will be no need for expensive
hardware or X orbital ectric costs and transaction times will be shorter with
reduced feeds in short the reliability of valuable commodities meshed with the
latest and technology will allow God coin to create the perfect system of
money God point is set for release in 2018 at
first god coins will be available for mentors to obtain and trade with on the
open market those who have a stake in it early will have the opportunity to amass
great wealth as the value of the coin increases over time however God coin
will soon be the only currency available for trade once it’s pegged to the value
of gold so those who do not buy early will soon be forced to accept it only as
an earned wage the time is now for God and the divinely appointed King Messiah
Lord rayel to liberate the people and renew the monetary system so we invite
you to accept this Olive Branch now before it’s too late you