We’re here in Bern Standing in front of the
Swiss National Bank, because the new 1000-franc note
is being released. And today we’re going to try
to find out how much a 1000-franc note
is really worth. We’d like to know,
for example, if we can buy a cappucino with it
in a café. Or if it also works
if we want to buy jeans in a
clothing store. Here we are in front of Zytglogge, Bern’s most touristic site We’re going to see
if we can buy some chestnuts. We’ll take 100 grams
of chestnuts please. Voilà! We only have this. Okay…I can’t. You don’t have anything smaller? Can I give you Euro? Is it okay, if I give you
seven francs back? Sure, I think so. Thanks a lot. Thank you. We’re in front of
one of Bern’s nicest bookstores and we’re going to try to buy a book
with our 1000-franc note. This is Capital
by Thomas Piketty, the perfect book
for this occasion. Um, is it real? Yes, it’s real. I don’t think we have
enough 100-franc notes for change. Can we trade this
for another book? It already looks
very used. We can’t trade? No. Can you write us
a bill? Then we can pay you
over E-Banking. Yes. Here we are at Adriano’s, one of Bern’s best-known cafés, and we’re going to see if we can
buy something with this bill. Hello, two coffees please. Do you have anything smaller?
You just have this bill? I can’t take
such large bills. And even larger ones? No. My boss says I can’t take this. But you can pay in instalments. Now we will try to buy flowers
at a florist’s. Unfortunately we can’t
take this because we don’t have
enough change for a 1000-franc bill. Yes, we still have
our 1000-franc note. We couldn’t get rid of it. We couldn’t buy
a coffee or flowers, they
didn’t want to take it. The bookseller
gave us a solution but we still couldn’t
pay with this, we had to do
a bank transfer. and we could buy chestnuts
with Euros. We paid with Euroes
in Switzerland, but Swiss Francs
didn’t work. Should we go to the bank
to change it again? Yes, let’s go do it
at the National Bank.