Hello everyone! It’s me again, Aiza Mercado
and welcome back again with another video.
I will do another site review which is invest, wait & earn
and HYIP program.
Let’s check if this site is good for investment.
This website is called “GX-Trade”
and you can visit them at www.gx-trade.icu
Before we start, i disclaim that
everything i say here is based only on my opinion
and based on being a user of this platform.
My experience as an investor and watch the full video
to know what my opinion about this HYIP platform.
They offer 2 plans. First, Trade Classic
with 4.967% daily profit.
Second, Trade Classic VIP
with 5.233% daily profit.
Minimum investment is $10 US dollars.
And with this 2 plans, the capital is included in 30 days.
Company opening date: September 11, 2019
Days Online: 5 days
Active Members: 1941 members
Active Partners: 869 investors
Later, lets check their telegram group chat
to see the number of their active members/investors.
In affiliate program, level 1 is 8%
level 2 is 3%
and level 3 you can earn 1% referral commission.
You can use Payeer, Perfect Money,
Bitcoin and Ethereum as your investment.
We’re now with my dashboard
and because i’m reviewing this site I deposited $1000
(it’s like 0.1 BTC)
And incase you decided to invest here
just click this “buy a robot”
then enter the amount (minimum is $10)
select using Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin or Ethereum
then select Trade Classic Plan and “Refill”.
You will be directed to a page where you will see the
wallet address where you will send it
(you can scan QR code too)
and the exact amount of your investment.
You need first to set up your wallet address
by simply go to the settings
and from here you can enter your Payeer, Perfect Money,
Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet address.
Once done, let’s proceed now to the proof of payment.
Click “Total Earned” page and select BTC…
In enter amount, I will get all my available funds
and click “bring”.
The wallet address I used is from my Abra Wallet
and I will be flashing out the proof here in the screen.
Now it’s time to know what my opinion as an investor.
First, the domain i only trust in investment is “.com”
but here they used “.icu”
because at times, in every HYIP i joined
i noticed that the site lasts long with “.com” in domain
but thats only what i observe in HYIP platforms.
Second, let’s go to their telegram group chat
We can see that the GX Trade group chat
has only 36 members only.
Third, with regards to the plans they offered
we can make 4% up to 5% profit everyday which means
this is very a High Yield Investment Program
and very lucky if they last long for about 2 to 3 months.
There you go, I hope this video helped you
in investing your money here in GX Trade
and if you wish to request for a video review
in any HYIP investment
you can leave me a message in our Facebook Fanpage
so i can tell you whether its a scam or legit
or make a video review if its good for investment.
Thanks again for watching! My name is Aiza Mercado
and see you on the next video!