Welcome back again here in our second video
where we will know on how to trade
or withdraw our Asimi tokens
in our hashingadspace into btc.
Hello everyone!
My name is Aiza Mercado
and we’re back in our second video
here in our hashingadspace
but before we begin in our new video.
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Let’s proceed in our video tutorial
on how to withdraw
Asimi into Btc
first things first, just go to our video description
because you can found the link there
where you can register.
You can see here the register button
and after that just fill up the forms
for example your name, your email address
just confirm your email address
in other words you just have to retype it
and create your own password
and if your done here
click then ‘Im not a robot’
to confirm that your not really a robot
then click ‘I agree to the Terms
of Use and Policy’
and then you can now start.
And I can’t really show you the actual
Because I might have multiple accounts,
so that’s we should be careful.
Now let’s login
just put your email address and your password
and then here
click ‘Im not a robot’
to show that you are a human who jsut loved
and get hurt sometimes. Kiddin!
Now let’s login.
This will be your dashboard in hashingadspace
and just watch my previous video about this
and on how this work
just go to my youtube channel
you can see here, no investment
earn $100 in Ads clicking job.
I have showed there on how to use
hashingadspace. Alright
so now I’ll just show you on how to watch ads here
here in View V2E
you can check there the available ads
and the available ads per day is 50 ads
all you have to do is
just click ‘View Ad’
‘Im not a robot’
then ‘Submit’
now let’s click ads
so here an ad will appear to view
or watch
and just wait for the time to become 0
after that
drag the slider to verify
and close and complete V2E Credit
okay it’s that easy
on how to watch ads
and how to earn asimi tokens
for now let’s go to our dashboard
my internet is unstable
okay, so in my dashboard
I have 3,400 asimi
All we have to do here is just I’ll show you on how to
withdraw here
and the platform that I’ll be using here is
just go to www.client.wavesplatform.com
and if you don’t have account yet you can sign up here
just click get started
and it will directly go
to creating an account
I will just login here
and you can see it in your wallet
that there is not yet Asimi
all you have to do there is just click the plus button
in your wallet assets
and search for Asimi
let’s pin it
and you can now see your Asimi wallet
okay next is
click receive
and then your Asimi wallet address here will appear
just copy the link
and go to hashingadspace
let’s set first our wallet
let’s go to our profile
then click wallet address
just paste your wallet address here
then enter your secondary pin
okay here in secondary pin
you can view it on your profile
and here in change password.
upon signing up we are asked for secondary pin
which is, you will need
to set it up.
In here you can change it
enter your current pin
enter your current pin, new pin and then confirm it
then click ‘Im not a robot’
then click update
and now it is ser already we can now proceed
in our
if your ask for the minimum withdrawal here
let’s go to asimi stake.
I have talked to other user of hashingadspace
and they said we can withdraw
the half of the asimi stake
meaning that 50% is our minimum withdrawal
so now
our asimi is 1796
so the minimum withdrawl for now is
and now let’s try to withdraw it
let’s go transaction
click wallet
and copy our available balance
in asimi
click withdraw funds
and just place here the amount you want to withdraw
enter your secondary pin
and click I’m not a robot
jsut put the OTP that they
send in your email
then click withdraw
and now our withdrawal is pending
alright so let’s just wait for
a days, or a day after now
it may already enter into our wallet
and you can view it in your wavesdex application
and if you want to convert asimi to btc
it’s so easy
just go to exchange
and click btc, and look for asimi
just type it there
and you can see the up trend and down trend
in our asimi tokens into btc
let’s just change its candle stick
and here you see its trend
for now
1 asimi is worth 0.00000533 btc
or 533 satoshi
for now it’s value is lower compare before
i’ll just wait for it to go up or ‘bull run’
I’ll wait til 1 asimi becomes 1,000 satoshi
for now
it’s value is low
so I wont trade it yet
but if you want to trade it already
just go to “Sell”
the last value that was sold was 533 satoshi
and if you want to sell it in more lower price
so that your asimi will be sold first
you can make it lower
you can make it 532 satoshi
and amount 25%, 50%, 75% and
if you want full amount
to sell it just click 100%.
Total btc will appear here
and transaction fee of 0.003 waves
and this is the utility token of wavesdex
and if you sold it, it will then go in your wallet
which is the bitcoin, from there
your exchange asimi token to btc will appear
if you’ll ask on how will it go to your coins.ph
just go to send
and here you will enter
your btc wallet address
any wallet address can do
you can use coins.ph, coinbase, abra wallet,
coinnome, and all btc wallet
can be use upon transfering of our btc
okay so it’s that easy to convert our asimi
into bitcoin.
For now this will be our video update
on how to withdraw
and maybe in our next video update
we will tackle on how to stake
an asimi
on how to use start minting ads
the advertising, on how to advertise here
in hashingadspace
and for now we can just click and click
ads to earn
at the same time if asimi will get high
from asimi to btc
the more money we can withdraw.
Thank you for watching, I hope this video can help you
in withdrawing asimi and converting it to btc
for more questions you can
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Again, thank you for watching.
My name is Aiza Mercado
and see you in my next video.