I’m Eren Caner.
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You know, I’ve now started receiving requests
for altcoin reviews from the YouTube community
tab regularly through the votes I’ve opened.
You asked me to interpret the altcoins in
the most current way in the voting just a
few days earlier.
Hold on, this video is exactly for you.
I wonder when the real collapse of the subcoins
can begin, what is happening now?
We’il talk about this.
But before that, we will briefly talk about
Bitcoin and an event that could radically
change the crypto money market.
Then the altcoins.
Send them.
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Now, first of all, I’m going to talk a little
bit about Bitcoin.
But we’re going to do a different video to
Bitcoin in the coming days.
If we do a general market analysis at Bitcoin,
I am 100% behind what I said before and I
want to put these ideas in front of everyone
Look, I recently posted on Twitter, brother.
There’s a store chain in America called Target.
There’s a lot of stuff in there, from electronics
to clothing.
Do you know that Target stores are sold in
the same way as Amazon, Apple, Google Play
Store gift cards, Apple and Google’s stocks?
Apple in the market while passing apples,
pears, the arrival of the word may be common
to Apple or Google in the form of a gift card
you can pass stocks.
Of course it’s not Apple and Google, it’s
probably their permission, but it’s a company
called Stockpile that makes the sale.
You know how the process is going to take
the gift card with the password inside the
web site to upload your account balance.
I mean, folks, long story short.
Bitcoin is still still a lot of technique
for many people, something difficult to learn.
I mean, we’re here with us.
You probably know how to buy and sell bitcoins,
but there are millions and billions in the
world that don’t.
Here I see this kind of applications, I’m
telling you very clearly, this kind of applications
to the street, Bitcoin’i brother.
It allows people to recognize Bitcoin.
Even if he doesn’t pass by at the market,
Bitcoin is familiar to people’s eyes.
Take it next time.
Then he won’t stay with you, for example.
First and foremost he sees that he can do
it, he can do it.
Expense opens an account from a stock exchange
and now it becomes part of the bingo Bitcoin
Moreover, I do not contradict Bitcoin’s exit
I think that’s exactly what Bitcoin needs.
Or do you know what’s going on?
We’ve been spinning a ball between us.
Of course I’m telling you this, but we’re
not the ones to do it.
The crypto money exchanges that will do this.
Especially the many well Coinbase stock exchanges
in the United States in Turkey may enter into
such an event.
Because I’m seeing some stock exchanges brother
I want almost all new users.
New user new user.
So the new user is good okay nice also I will
come to you in the market how this new user,
bull season, I think it may come in the rise
season, but okay, but you need to go to him
in this style of markets.
In the market, right and left, you have to
come across here and there in the shopping
Anyway, I hope I’ve given you a good idea
here, at least to the domestic crypto money
And friends, you know, you know, today Bakkt
platform, which we call physical futures,
started its life in Bitcoin, but no extra
volume has come yet.
We can see the effect of Bakkt a little more
in the medium term.
Now, we’re going to do a bitcoin-specific
Therefore, I would like to pass the Bitcoin
and let us interpret the altcoin market in
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Now I think there’s something critical about
these subcoins.
Let’s talk about it first, and then we’il
The critical event in the Altcoins during
this period is that China will issue its own
crypto money.
Why, because China is probably the most powerful
player in the crypto currency market, and
the moves it will make can affect the crypto
currency, the market deeply, and we see that
China is developing this crypto currency in
a secret office, and their aim is actually
trading wars or friends.
You will remember that in a video 1-2 months
ago, I said that crypto coins have joined
the cold war instruments in the world, and
what we call crypto money is one of the countries.I
said that it will be used as a means of war,
which is exactly the way we are going, because
ICOs, such as STOs, such as STOs, a country
where most things are forbidden to make their
own crypto money, but only in the cold war,
trade war America Libra.
China is developing its own crypto money against
the Libra friends and wants to launch it before
the Libra.
If we go back to the American front and maybe
a little conspiracy theory, but what is known
about all the Senate processes of the Libra
America, the disapproval process is not just
for show.
Perhaps the United States, while supporting
the Libra full throttle from bottom to bottom,
look at other countries, especially China,
look at these things are not even clear to
us, you do not need to do anything you want
to give the message.
There is, of course, much more detail about
China’s crypto currency, and we can talk about
its future effects in a separate video, but
now that you’re not the main subject of this
video, I would like to link it to the subcoins.
I think it’s the first thing they do without
the realization of this crypto money, Libra,
or friends of China.
I think it will provide long-term benefit
to the headed subcoins.
When I say the main market in the market that
has proven itself relatively comparable, and
if you want to talk to friends on top of the
coins altcoin market collapses, we are sunk,
noluyor know you know, but now I’m going to
enter this issue, I’m going to enter the subject.
Please look at the screen very carefully.
Of course it’s not investment advice, crypto
currency can be anything at any time, but
I’ll show two similar graphs that the current
altcoin drop is something in life.
First, the market volume, market cap of all
subcoins except Bitcoin.
Direct coinmarketcap’t the market cap, by
the way, this marketcap’te bitcoin.
Here you can think of all the subcoins as
a single coin.
They’re moving up and down together.
The second is the course of the euro versus
the dollar.
Both show the last 3 months and both are in
So of course we are talking about two completely
different, totally independent worlds, but
my aim is not to compare them.
My goal is to give you a little morale with
realistic approaches.
My goal is to say that such declines already
exist in life.
Even a ton of euros against the dollar because
of the reason we talked about losing value
in the market itself has not proven, the evidence
is not on the eve of the altcoin’ler say.abi
My goal, the euro investors or countries that
use the euro, such as Germany sank, collapsed,
we do not ask each other if our In fact, we
do not need to make such decisions in a sense.
If we have invested in a long-term and in
a way that we will not be sad if we lose,
and if we know that all of these are processes,
I think we can be comfortable with a click
here, but of course, all the altcoins will
fly and rise.
I’m just sharing my ideas.
Altcoins are not one by one, but this bitcoin
is not included in the marketcap chart, if
we interpret it as follows, when it is necessary
to respond to an increase in the market at
the moment of $ 75-76 billion and $ 80 billion,
if we can hold a little more We will relax.
Right now because we’re not at a support point,
and we can easily get into the $ 65 billion,
a very weak support zone.
That’s a real collapse in altcoins, but only
if we go below $ 65 billion.
In the meantime, I leave the link to this
graphic down to the description part of this
If you are interested you can look at it from
To sum up, the current support resistance
zones are not as strong as 100-120 billion
So we need to be careful.
Also, when we look at a marketcap that doesn’t
have a Bitcoin again, they are still above
where they first started.
So if there could be a real collapse that
could go to the bottom of all time, yes.
Crypto coins are open just in case.
You know that.
So are we in such a situation right now?
I think this question varies from person to
person, but if you get it from the top, yes
the current situation may be a real collapse
for you, and this may be temporary, but in
general I think they are not
in a real collapse.
Also, for example, the weight of Bitcoin in
all crypto coins, that is, dominance, dominated
by 68%, 70%.
He crushed the Altcoins.
Oh, didn’t they have any harder in the past?
The dominance of Bitcoin dates back to 96%,
but neither so many subcoins exist in the
market, nor so many investors.First of all,
then there was no Ethereum.
Therefore, I think that even though there
is a bit of a downward fall, altcoins can
recover from these areas in the medium term
even if not today and tomorrow.
Now, folks, let’s move on to today’s bonus
information without further ado.
Guys, casinos in Las Vegas don’t have windows
and clocks.
Wondering why?
Players don’t realize how time has passed
and the safe always keeps winning.
We’re at the end of another chapter.
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