Hi, everybody! Idit here. Welcome to Hebrew Weekly Words
and this week, we’re going to talk about currency exchange. מטבע חוץ
(matbea chut)
“foreign exchange” מטבע חוץ
(matbea chut)
“foreign currency” איפה הכי זול להמיר למטבע חוץ?
(Eifo hakhi zol lehamir lematbe’a chuts) “Where is the cheapest to convert to foreign currency?” So yeah, this is like a really common question. I don’t know for reals where is the cheapest, but there are plenty of places in which you can do it. I just never even bothered to check, you know, whatever. להחליף כסף
(lehachlif kesef)
“change” לפני הנסיעה שלי אני צריכה להחליף כסף.
(Lifney hanesia ani tsrikha lehachlif kesef.) “Before my trip, I need to change my money.” This is something that people used
to do like even just a few years ago, people used to do that all the time. But now like I hardly even do it. Wherever I need to go, I kind of use my bank card and go to an ATM and get some cash. But you know, up until recently, I think that’s what I did. I had to like change money before I went anywhere. מטבע
“coin” יש לך אולי מטבע בשביל המכונת שתייה?
(Yesh lakh matbe’a bishvil hamekhobat shtia) “Do you have a coin maybe for the vending machine?” So literally מטבע
(matbe’a) means something that is imprinted
and obviously all the coins that we know and even hundreds of years ago, all the coins have something
imprinted on them and usually, it was like that country’s leader’s face. So this is where it got the name,
something that’s imprinted upon, and that’s מטבע
(matbe’a) יורו
“Euro” מה שער היורו עכשיו?
(Ma sha’ar hayuro akhshav) What’s the convert rate for Euros right now?” And when we’re talking in Hebrew
about a convert rate, we say שער חליפין
(Sha’ar chalifin) which is basically an “exchange gate”. I think it’s probably like an old expression. מזומן
“cash” הם מקבלים פה אשראי? כי אין לי מזומן.
(Hem mekablim po ashrai? ki ein li mezuman) “Do they accept credit card here?
Because I don’t have any cash.” If you’re really being fancy, you can also say מזומנים
(mezumanym) in plural and I don’t know, they say it’s not safe
to carry too much cash around, so don’t. So thanks everybody for joining me today. This week, we talked about currency exchange. Let me know in the comments below
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