muddy mo muddy muddy Mo Money mo money
money mo what’s up crypto world! Its your boy muddy mo aka to king of minnows aka
the dapp white paper gawd! This is crypto damn yeah
alright so what are we talking about is crypto currency decentralized
applications also known as crypto daps alright so in crypto most people you
know heard about the big coin waving anything and they like to hold a crypto
and wait for it to go back up in value so I’m here to tell you right now I’m
here to show you how to make more crypto with your crypto right now alright so
putting them in decentralized applications now real quick there’s two
types of people that’s in decentralized applications all right
there’s Wales and there’s mint holes so the whales are the ones with a lot of
crypto they have a lot of crypto to move around so they can really change things
once they introduce the centralized applications which we just showing just
a second all right then on the other side you got people like muddy muck
people like me I’m a crypto minnow all right I got a family I got a lot of
bread alright so I’ll just put what I can in
here and I’ll see what it do um crypto minerals have a very very different
strategy than a whale would crypto minnows we got to get in and we gotta
jump and move differently and we can’t follow trends alright so a lot of crypto
bloggers talk about oh this is what depth you should get in get in get out
get in get out and they always trying to you know get you into certain apps but
muddy Mo’s here to tell y’all man we got to do a different things we minnows we
got to do a little bit more just to make a little
crypto all right just to make Outlook ends money mug will take you from start
to finish and this is a daily day we’re gonna go through man we’re just gonna go
through a muddy Moe’s doing man I can see what I’m doing I’m a talk y’all
through some strategies from a crypto minerals perspective all right yeah I
want to hear more stay tuned let’s jump right off into it all right so there’s a
couple rules to being a minnow alright so one of the major rules to be in the
minnow is that you have to understand that scams can and will happen alright
there’s a couple platforms that’s not gonna work out you just got to
understand that now when a decentralized space that means it’s pretty much open
you know anybody who can develop an application or develop these codes can
create a decentralized application alright now you can make more crypto
with these applications believe that understand that but you have to
understand that sometimes these developers are normal people and they
see no big big crypto the big amount of crypto in there and they will take some
things out we’ve had bad things in the past like Vic connect and we’ve had
other platforms that’s come and gone I’ve seen so many different platforms
that has come and gone in this space so you have to understand that scams happen
all right another thing you have to be with all things you gotta be about that
life and what I mean by that is you have to be willing to spread out your
cryptocurrency and and being multiple different platforms all right you cannot
listen to these vloggers you cannot listen to these these other guys that’s
talking about it because one of the major things that they they don’t tell
you is a they’re getting referrals for most of this no but I’m also refers to
hit the referrer down in the description but I’m bigging referrals so they’re
getting a lot of crypto to do this and they’re whales they got a lot of crypto
so they guys they can move in and out of contract and they can drastically change
a contract by some of these they say so everything they say does not pertain to
us so that’s why my team is doing this for us the crypto poor man you
fifteen twenty dollars to put in talk to money moment that’s what we do but you
have to spread your Kirk your crypto currencies out you have to make sure
that you you’re willing to be in anything no matter how bad they said is
because if we could make even one one point one each for ten ten Tron we need
to be doing it alright so you have to be with all things alright now for my
people who just now getting into the space first thing make sure you get a
computer I know you ain’t got a lot of money that’s okay I get it get you an
Acer both 150 bucks if you save on them I save on a new phone save them some J’s
and get you an Acer I’ll get a computer it’s gonna really
help you can do this stuff from your phone but I’m doing this from a computer
and I suggest you guys do the same and also make sure that you’re reading all
the white papers of any decentralized application before you jump in it just
makes sense man you want to read the instructions it’s very important that
you read and know what they’re about before you jump in all right all right so let’s jump into some
pressing news real quick all right so right now this is time-sensitive all
right so right now Tyra Bank which is an hourglass
contracts similar to P 3d so basically you put your crypto in and you get a 10%
hit going in or the 10% going out but when your crypto currencies in depending
on how much you have you get dividends from everybody else going in and out of
the contract all right so power bank has been doing
this for trying I think BitTorrent BTT and also like beets corn something else
but they’re now they’re starting to hex Papa contract which is important all
right X right now is one of those contracts that let you stay for a long
time and you can get a lot more hex over time if you wait keep it in the contract
power bank is essentially making that faster with this hourglass contract so
I’m in 13 hours make sure make sure you I got y’all hexane man because what’s
gonna happen is it’s gonna come in here and it’s gonna be a lot of movement in
and out all right so I’m waiting on that 13 hours I can’t wait I’m gonna jump
right in and get in there so make sure y’all in there man because you’re gonna
be able to do it very very well that you’re getting hex early with this
contract also standing the hex platform which I’ll cover in just a minute but
this is time-sensitive in 13 hours y’all make sure y’all put y’all hex into power
bank any loose hex you got sitting around it’s not sneaking throw it in
power bank all right so let’s do the run-through to me
the best platformer for Krypto Mentos the best platformer we can be in its
bankroll all right ain’t till I can go into a hole still about them but
bankroll is the most it’s the safest place it’s tried and true and it gives
you good dividends you see I’m a minnow I don’t have a lot of try right but you
see I’m getting like ten to ten days I got this today and I’m rolling I’m
rolling all right so you’ll see you know you have your roller mount here you got
different things inside our bankroll all right so Bank will also have banker
tokens which is gonna be valuable over time and you can do a couple things for
banker tokens main thing is make sure that you on point with you know with us
with crypto minnows what we got to do is keep me invested that money back to
stack flip you know if you’re from the streets you know we got that flip get it
in get it out all right so you got the flip they got you know the banker token
here in you you have to pay a ticket thousand it’s to start to get the level
one y’all know I’m broke so level one right but also it shows you know
different things like also has the banker Tron Depot where as you know you
can put your banker tokens anytime you buy someone the bankroll Network that
really gives you Backa tokens for most of the stuff and what I do is freeze
it’s try to get some dividends here now once you get these dividends it goes
right into your credits if you roll it and when you get that it goes into your
credits than when you have to screen out your saw song another thing on here is
moon moon is good because it’s a token and people can only check out once a
week most people who are I don’t think are taking out but y’all know another
rule to being a crypto minnow man we have to reinvest reinvest with these we
trust when we trusted we reinvest that’s all we doing right now we don’t have
enough you think it’s gonna last a long time we have to reinvest some moon is
another good platform air now air is another part of bankroll
this is something that anybody can do all right so always you can come here
you get your free roll you just hit this free roll but now what that does is
you’re getting a running to basically get 25 credits and we just saw credits
but it’s this is really cool because you don’t have to have any money really to
do that you do have to have a little Letran frozen on your tron link account
but that’s pretty cool now if you are going to get into to anything bankroll
for minnows we don’t really need to touch rocket I’ll talk about in a future
video but we don’t have to touch rocket dailies almost did leave that alone but
if you want to put if you want to save any time right you want to make some
dividends off of it all you need to do is come and put your you’re trying to
here in the look alright so look essentially gives you banker tokens and
it gives you you get a buddy system where you get a referral from whomever
deposit it before you that’s important alright so make sure if you put any
money into a bank roll that you know that you put it here that you make sure
that you put it in luck do not put it in credits put it in luck you get more for
your money all right so that’s bankroll to me if if there’s any slam dunks in
decentralized applications that’s it’s gonna be the bankroll Network period
point-blank all right another decentralized
application that I really love is token here all right so I love bank tellers
the the dev for bank roll but I think I like to Vaughn James even more
so we basically got ambassadors in here and they can’t withdraw so they can’t
dump on us they can’t dump all their coins on us to leave us with a small
token price but every time you get token here and what he’s doing check ongoing a
great job of getting partnered apps so he’s getting decentralized applications
that he’s partnering with this is very important because he’s getting
partnerships and he’s growing this network all right
so essentially before long you’ll see that this token price I think right now
let’s see ok so right now the radius is about for trying a token right so if I
do know 40 Tron I get nine point eight five tokens every time you get a token
like another partner of theirs is frag right so you get frags every time you
put a token so every time you buy a token scooter and you already know the
minnow rules we cannot afford to take this little bit
of trial now they’re gonna do it’s no good we got a role that we’re gonna roll
that ticket it’s holding its get our holdings tokens up all right so token
there is another one I really like I think that’s my second favorite my high
bankroll but it’s doing some big things but let’s talk about hex for a sec all
right so with hex what’s funny about it what’s different about it is you know
you got a value and you could put your look Ethan each day and you get a
certain amount of hex off that value each day based on how many people get in
alright but the funny thing about it is it seems like every day the less eat
that goes in the more you end up getting now there’s less hexavalent where every
day you see it started off we started off you know 1 billion the first day
need kind of bring down every day my strategy with hex is you see I’m not the
point zero zero five eight today I don’t even know how much that hasn’t changed
but every day boom see my thing is you know you’ll see some
guys that’s cool that’s good for you well you should write but this is where
we stand right now right this is how I’m doing it I’m basically buying a little
bit every day when I can not today this is what I bought today all right I
bought more than I generally buy but the reason is is because of power bank right
we’re gonna put that in power back and get a little bit more out of it now when
I stake it the staking is look I do a little bit different all right so after
I think it’s 355 days you get a big bonus for keeping it in for I think
that’s about a year for when 350 some days when it starts right so let’s just
say we’re gonna put thousand hexene right you see I’m winning with these
small numbers minutes what we got all right so at 350 all right so without jumping crazy into
it all right so if I stake today into the day of the last day it’s taken to be
326 days all right oh no stealing 26 days I’m gonna get all
these bonus hex it doesn’t numbers Papa’s gonna go down but you get more
hex the longer you stay kid and how much you put in right you’re not putting in a
lot so we’re not gonna get a lot here now what I did is I pretty much layered
it so I get a little bit of expect every day in the future all right
so starting out thinking about a week or so mine are gonna be starting to pay off
and I already pulled one out just to kind of see what happens is lost in hex
there but this is my biggest one by far I’m sorry at eleven thousand my first
time getting in it was day six I got in and that’s how much I staked and I think
over time I be getting such a mountain but you see you know every day you know
I’m gonna get a little bit hex pack and all I’m gonna do with hex is just keep
putting it on the top all right you see how my under going up every two days I
think every two or three days I’m going up a hex right so I’m gonna get more
over time and hopefully this thing keeps going I can make it make a lot of hex
all the time yeah in that same note I’m gonna finish up with this one of the
most important apps I think I’ve gotten in I’m happy I got in there early it’s
still early so if you can get into this that now it’s business all right
hit next is monster I think it is I don’t know
now let me go into this real quick one thing I do not like about big decks
right now is the ratio of how much you spend on the site they
you have 60% back-end is so roughly I mean they had oh it’s developers get
some money it’s cost for marketing and all this other stuff that’s boy to me
bro that’s bullshit I don’t want to hear that sixty percent is not good for them
to be giving that back to the people but but it’s a big putt here every 10
minutes you’re gonna get some dividends right and right now is not a lot of
people on it it’s not a lot of people – yes so right now it’s only two hundred
eighty thousand one hundred million mine this is at the very beginning we as a
minos we gotta jump in this kind of stuff
Earl lay okay all right nobody’s telling you about business right now
you heard your helper here first at the king of minnows muddy mo I’m telling you
get into bit lengths if you’re a minnow you have to get into this because this
is where we can make our ends meet man I’ve never gotten this many dudes on a
consistent basis and I really just got it early and you know what’s double I’ll
bid like say that was though was dope is first off if you’re mining you do not
need to mine on this regular dice do not do that that’s old-school meaning this
is what y’all used to I get it only mine on Lou dice all right you know why
because unless you get a higher percentage all right let me show you let
me show you and most sides have like 50 this one let me kind of get on my
soapbox for a sec these dumb developers y’all so out of touch with normal people
y’all they only make these sites sometimes it’s okay to the whales so
they’ll have a minimum being like 100 or 50 just even play one game that’s stupid
bro the best the best thing you can do for your games is cater to not the
whales you have to protect yourself whales of
course they’re gonna be getting the big Catania your dad I mean they get big
crypto into your dock but the little people man the minnows we the ones
that’s gonna be crying them and we need this we willing to put one time and
won’t work here anyway i under that man these dudes stupid anyway so the minimum
here is 10 which is super dope what’s even more super dope is that no
game really gives you about ninety eight percent chance of winning that’s you
right so I could just put this on auto roll got that on ten and just let it
roll all right boom just let it go just let it go just let it go I think the
long as I’m on on this without loss was like twenty minutes that’s huge right so
once you’re doing that up you get that you get that then you pull over to your
dividends and you can see it comes right into your dividend right that’s very
important man bit Lex is the future man y’all jump in to bid Lex now they do
need to do some alterations but make sure you I read that white paper man
all right so that’s just a little bit of crypto DAP Yap for the day I y’all want
to hear more stay tuned man thank y’all for rockin out with me it’s your boy
muddy mow king of minnows y’all been watching crypto DAP
yeah I checked my links out in the description below if you want to get
into any of these steps man make sure you hit me on telegrams y’all wanna hear
more stay tuned I