The whales started dumping Bitcoin on 3rd of January this year The top guys at Team Speak are analysing the price action right now Drawing all sorts of crazy charts But the Bear whales in China and US and are too strong so its not looking good Ok lets not panic All those coins on Bitstamp need to be sold My Fuhrer Bitstamp… Bitstamp is down and it seems their hot wallets have been compromised So looks like our Bitcoins are gone Anyone who only use OKcoin, Huobi, Bitfinex leave the room now That fucking Shitstamp Bloody shitstamp! now we only got few coins left on Cryptsy Why didn’t we fucking sell at $350 and got some money back. Max Keiser said Bitcoin was going to $5K this year I bet those idiots at reddit are crying their eyes out bunch of bloody cry babies Right now Bitcoin is a falling knife making low after low All this talk of Blockchain and trustless technology – who listens to Reggie Middleton or Andreas Amantonopolous! and where is Peter Todd? We need to kill him My Fuhrer Todd is in Miami for the conference I don’t give a shit! kill Peter Todd, Roger Ver and Eric bloody Vorhees My fuhrer Roger Ver is needed to attract the ladies I wish I was as good looking as him, I wouldn’t care so much about bitcoin otherwise “Bitcoin Jesus”?! I think we need to sell everything and I don’t give a shit that CNBC and Bloomberg are saying I told you so. I just hope those Chinese don’t buy the shit out of this coin Don’t tell my wife but we have to sell now and buy back lower She is going to kill me if I tell her I buy bitcoin with our salary every month and it goes down in price. You don’t understand we need Bitcoin to succeed If only to shut everyone up on reddit and IRC who cries about a drop in price every time. Maybe we should have gone to 796 futures and opened an account there 50x leverage! lets see who takes risks then! I will show those Litecoiners We got Gox’d again and on top of that the bearwhales are crapping all over us with those massive dumps I need to sit here and look at the floor cos there is no eye candy in this room Thats the problem with Bitcoin – not enough women in it I’m sitting here while some kid is dumping 1000 coins on me on OKCoin And who’s idea was it to use bloody Bitstamp? Its ok Anna I’m sure no one will know All we can do now is wait for Bitcoin Jesus to give us a miracle Where’s Fontas when you need him He would pump anything Even Paycoin At least we didnt invest in Paycoin I’m still waiting for Ethereum to go live they took our 30k bitcoins so its got to happen right? Well thats what they keep saying! I need to look at the Bitcoin chart again – maybe upside down to make me feel better