so anyway people here summer my Hong
Kong Bank nights which I get directly from circulation every time I go to Hong
Kong and I got it quite often um maybe except this one dollar I can’t
get these anymore David use them since 1960
this is 1952 yeah not bad lots of different types of banknotes Thank You
China yeah this one’s consecutive a lot if I make it sticky it’s like a 50 Hong
Kong dollars doing circulation to pass I’m afraid 2002 yeah it’s a Bahamian
flower it’s the old one I haven’t seen Eastern circulation for a long time 2001
and now these 20 dollar banknotes are blue all right HSBC um building these
two blinds at the front and ferry theories and across Tibet I think about
2:30 but no use octopus earth doesn’t matter it’s a line in the watermark $50
bank now you guys some 14 yeah not bad bet he knew flowers would mark Tung ping
Chau hmm not bad never 2014 these ones can sick
kitty you see yeah I know they’re not they a
bit still not consecutive well Easy’s to ten Standard Chartered Bank of China and
these ones are Canseco has an abacus and binary code mmm two ways of counting Oh
repulsed by it’s not a bad place to be think you should visit if you go there more big names be and they talk
consecutive a so that’s a consecutive Bank nights probably not short turns
that worth keeping these maybe ever a period of one two hundred years keeping
good secured you bank nicest probably worth it but I’ll be dead set doesn’t
matter see I like this path not bad
straight integrated this into its banknotes as well look there’s a 13 facing 10 not bad banknotes good meat on
fish who I like that lots of Blanton’s everywhere 212 weeds
they have combination locks to ten hundred dollars to fifteen five inches
all the pink 9 2007 now these ones older ones twenties fifties and hundreds you
see a lot of $50 nights you see very railing $1000 nights of this series you
won’t see at all no pulled from circulation because they
easy to chemical on Kong Airport and a $100 2009 still Saudis in circulation
family there was talk about introducing a new series I doubt that they’ll issue
it before 2020 Hong Kong now has a reputation of issuing banknotes new
banknotes every 10 years so these are my Hong Kong Bank knows
quite pretty bit in banknotes United States of America
okay let me know what you think thank you