so get a pebble this is clean here and
you go into that today I’m just gonna show you do you one dollar banknotes
from Hong Kong now a bit of history about these banknotes is that these
banknotes were only used until 1960 when they introduced the one dollar coin and
up until 1935 they were printed by the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
and now in the only private bank to actually issue one dollar notes so all
the one dollar dates before 1935 would have been HSBC Bank and for some reason
probably because they saw no profit and issuing the banknotes the government of
Hong Kong took over and the HSBC would have had a requirement of keeping a
certain amount of coins to exchange for banknotes but these ones here are legal
tender there’s no reason why the government need to keep coins you can
spin it off anyway this one is King George V Phan it King George V for King
George the six yeah anyway and no sorry my mistake this is King George the six
okay the first one’s issued in 1945 a king george v in from 1952 to 1959 they
had queen elizabeth ii okay so these banknotes have basically mainly English
but just up 20 Z as I yeah man which is $1.00 so man’s dollar and
if you have a look at Chinese be able to script up here so it’s Hong Kong ding
fool gone ting fool ya gotta get the times right
hand Gong ting fool so this is written from right to left the same as Arabic
script and this one is written from top to bottom so I’m trying a script you can
write anyway and it has a signature in the serial number and this one some
people say is printed in 1941 do you want before the First World War were
purple and this one is blue and this one is issued in 1945 after the Second World
War and it was issued up into 1949 when it was replaced with this green bank
note here and gremlin has seen circulation into it was replaced by the
coin in 1916 okay the serial numbers he’s a a
fraction serial number there’s a letter on top and the number down in the bottom
they always have been and this one is crap I’m pretty poor circulation the
King George’s six had two banknotes 49 52 Queen Elizabeth had from 1952 into 59 and dates before this we’re not dated
look at the reverse yeah just those two like a nice pattern $1.00 in Chinese in
English shows it then here the printer which is currently also doing business
and this one has no actual security features has no water my has no security
Fred this is just a low denomination okay so this one Hong Kong dollar from
1955 to 1960 I hope you like this pain tonight if you do give it a thumbs up
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banknotes and coins issued throughout the generations of civilization
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