okay now we go into the series that was
issued in 1993 unto 2002 when I like the Hong Kong in two thousand free for the
first time visitor bank notes that were in circulation and these ones they
generally have a flower pattern here is the symbol of the HSBC note the date
down there eating mingling 2000 then yep yep you got cut okay the sheet in Hong
Kong as you can see from the earlier banknotes actually have more Chinese
writing on it and generally it’s just a translation of the English may of the
lion which represents the HSBC and as you can see this view of Hong Kong is
the same on all the bank notes okay if I show the reverse as you can
see they’re quite similar the main image is your hsbc bank and the two lines and
also this flower pattern on the side which is actually quite good okay do you
have a Hong Kong ferry you have the tower clock tower in Kowloon so this is
in Kowloon seen on the 50 you have the Dragon Boat Festival yay undo 100 you
have the Martha C pergola and chat in and on the 500 do you have the
government house so do the design is it’s ok it’s not the best but it should
have shown more images a Hong Kong considering the period I’m not surprised
ok the watermark of this home is just a line and as you can see they have a
security threat so let’s improve security features