now the current series i have issued in
2010 2011 and i do not have the one thousand dollar bank right because it’s
way too much money as you can see in front of them pretty much the same they
have metallic print is a lion hsbc bank they also have Braille down here which
is good for people blind and also here is balanced also useful blind people and
see one for twenty dollar to 350 dollar three four hundred or four five hundred
and five four thousand got the bank logo so it’s not much to talk about there
it’s pretty standard okay on the reverse we have you know the mid-autumn festival
is celebrated chinese culture you have the security thread there which is hong
kong and has the value on it and then 50 spring lantern festival I’ve never
actually been there witness celebrated that ah here you go Hong Kong
establishment thing the funny thing about is 100 was that this flag was
actually back to front so when I first printed cause yields back the front that
was not the way they wanted it to be projected so they actually destroyed I’d
say majority of these banknotes none of them were released in circulations that
don’t even worry about looking for them and I’d say they probably would’ve kept
some for historical purposes and if Hong Kong has a banknote museum which I don’t
think it does but one day if it does actually make one little beanie and that
will be probably to my stable banknote okay here we have chinese lunar new year
which just came to pass and here we have some dragons two dragons I know what
I’ve done they getting along some because holding a vibrator banging drums
yeah baby come here baby oh yeah Mike for this one is the perennial flower and
20 this security fred has HK with the denomination and you can move this this
is supposed to change color there you go astray actually put this on the new five
dollar banknote that it was issued this year this one only has one security Fred
that’s a fake one well I hope you enjoy my little presentation on Hong Kong and
Shanghai banknotes if you don’t know Hong Kong actually is to other banks
that issue banknotes they are the standard chartered bank in the Bank of
China so if there is five banknotes from each bank and times free day equals 15
types of banknotes and also when I went there last in 2016 the 22
five-hundred-dollar half of them were still d 2003 to 2009 issue so that makes
about because they took all the thousand dollars out that will only be 12 types
of bank notes so that will be 27 different types of banknotes so getting
as the predominant money in Hong Kong also occasionally you will get
the older issue up until nineteen eighty-five because they are all the
same size and they are still legal tender the older bigger break notes well
they’re different sizes and people probably look at your funny if you tried
to spend them okay please like and subscribe and give it a thumbs up as
well and let me know what you think about Hong Kong banknotes okay thank you
very much and have a nice day