so hello fellow Bangkok and cone
collectors just acclaimed back with another video and today I’ll have some
Hong Kong banknotes Hong Kong bent notes actually quite good especially because I
actually go to every year and I get to see how their development in banknotes
is actually going so I began there since 2003 and in that
time period I’ve actually had three different series of banknotes that have
been used and this year actually no late last year they actually issued d4 series
so do is the issue before 93 to 2002 then to version of rated to 10 into 10
into 18 and to 18 is the current series so here I have some actually older
banknotes so this one is a nineteen eighty two hundred dollars you won’t
find these in circulation anymore because there is a size difference so
here is a current hundred-dollar probably replaced this year and if we
have a look at the size you can see that in 1985 to actually reduce the size to
the current size they are now and that is why you would not find them in
circulation because a lot of people probably won’t accept these older
banknotes because they think that they’re not legal tender anymore you
know I’m not too sure if they are legal tender but I’m just going to presume
that they actually are legal tender because as far as I know banknotes I’ve
not been demonetized not like the coins in the previous coins so this is a 1982
series of and this issue was first issued in 1977 and was last issued in
1983 now the series of banknotes from 1972 to 76 were actually pretty similar
there was a design difference at the top so the
patination was different the back of the banknote is I true pretty much
and the ever major difference is that it actually had serial numbers on each of
these corners on the reverse and this one doesn’t so that’s what makes it
actually different so here we have the old HSC BC banking building which has
been torn down now and here we have the two lines which I guard the entrance of
the building you can see the two lines there and they’ve been moved the actual
current building which is on the current bank note so that’s the actual HSBC
building now on the back no generally Hong Kong banknotes have
the building that is actually the home base of these banknotes and you find
that a lot of Chinese banknotes though issued by private banks also have that
feature as well and here we have the Chinese dragon which represents the
Chinese emperor so that Charlie’s striking is that the head is there have
the cause and the tail and the Chinese dragon actually flies without wings
unlike the European dragon it’s actually quite different
Lyubov f-fire and Chinese dragon generally can turn into a person as well
so and it actually is supposed to be a god so here we ever yeah but one hundred
in Chinese characters and on this side we have the coat of arms of the HSBC
Bank so here we have our junk boat and European trading ship and here we have
some cargo being offloaded all loaded onto the actual boat as you can see most
of it in English which is pretty much a little bit different now of course on
current banknotes they have a 50/50 English and Chinese
so then DS a later development after they returned to Chinese
but what is the value of this bank now well this Bank now pretty much only as a
face value of $100 still so you really won’t get much above that you might be
able to get $10 extra and you’re maybe that’s a maybe but it’s actually pretty
common because HSBC actually issues the most banknotes in Hong Kong currently I
think they’re about 60% but at this time period I’d say to probably actually
probably a bit higher they did have the mercantile Bank any Chartered Bank but
they actually issued a lot less banknotes even currently charter banks
actually the lowest percentage of banknotes in circulation and that is why
we have this one so this was issued in the same period this one is a non dated
banknote but as issue between nineteen seventy and seventy five and in 1977
actually started to read date their banknotes but between 1961 and seventy
five date they didn’t issue banknotes woofer dates on them and this one’s
actually a bit more expensive than the HSBC bank notes but we’ll have a look at
the bank notes first so we have the Charter Bank building here we have a
flag there looks like probably Hong Kong flag of the time then we have the coat
of arms of the East Chartered Bank and currently it’s actually called the
Standard Chartered Bank but this time is called the childr bet on as you can see
most within English there’s there any difference between serial numbers
no and in 1979 they actually issued a different banknote
so currently all the banknotes change their banknotes order bank source a
change of 8 notes at the same time but up until 1985 they actually change their
banknotes whenever they felt like it so this one is actually a little bit better
now has a scene of Hong Kong Harbor at the time so this is our
Kowloon you can see a clock tower there this is appeared and no longer exists
then we have ferries and it’s just actually being reclaimed so the
furniture that comes out to a bit further and here we have Hong Kong
Island so all the buildings actually quite small or buildings probably go up
to there now probably printing out my chop skewered of mountains that you can
see in the background and the watermark here’s a looks like Britannia because
there was a British colony and then we have our yeah but so this one you read
it from right to left like Arabic because Chinese can leave it read it
from right to left left to right top to bottom and in a few cases probably
bottom to top and here we have a Britannia you have a she portrayed we
have a shipful trade and that’s okay elephant for Indian British domination
of India now this banknote actually has a value of about in this condition
probably about a hundred dollars hundred straighten those five hundred Hong Kong
dollars probably a bit more now those values about 15 years old so probably I
would say has a value of about probably a hundred and fifty dollars because
they’re actually quite a rare banknote and to get this one I actually scored it
I didn’t actually pay $150 but I can’t remember what I actually pay for it but
it was actually pretty good score because you can’t actually pick these up
that often that’s how scarce they are they’re not rare this guess which
actually makes the vary quite a lot bigger so if you’re gonna click bank
notes especially Hong Kong Hong Kong banknotes a bit expensive anyway because
of the value of the Hong Kong dollar and that’s pretty much a pretty stable
currency because it’s Heidi do you wish dollar before that
had a bit of a flight over to 984 and then I was tied to British Pound
beforehand and so if you want to collect Hong Kong dollars especially old ones
gonna be pain a hell of a lot of money not only that a
lot of people from Hong Kong and China also collect Hong Kong dollars and that
actually increases the value of these banknotes further well I’d say the
market is probably stabilized out and it’s no longer actually increasing in
price because the increase would have been during the 90s early in 2000 when
the Chinese actually just coming to money so they we just would have been
buying buying buying awesome anyway I like to say thank you very much for
watching my video I’ll leave a link down below to ebay for
Hong Kong banknotes in you can search and see if you can find anything of
value anyway have a awesome Bank now click in time in thank you very much bye