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today we’re talking about the importance
of twitter for crypto brands what do you
guys think for crypto for crypto brands
paramount paramount absolutely 100%
you can’t run a successful business
without having some type of encrypt that
without having some type of presence on
Twitter I would agree I think Twitter is
the birthplace of ideas for the new
generation whoa and it cuz it really is
I mean that’s where people really have
at least my personal experience people
in my generation really have the
difficult discussions on Twitter and
that’s that’s where like real stuff is
happening you know Instagram you’ve got
all the pictures and like lifestyle but
Twitter is where people ya know that’s a
huge point and I feel like that’s it
just to Twitter in general its I feel
like it’s one of the most organic social
media platforms left in existence like
one of my favorite everybody complained
one of the number one complaints on
Twitter is oh when when edit button Jack
like coming I would like that I would
lie at a button I think that’s one of
the most key features about Twitter and
I think if they ever added an edit
button it would change Twitter forever
for the worse I think knowing a button
is part of what makes it real and
organic and off-the-cuff and it’s it’s
not supposed to be thought out it’s not
supposed to be filtered and curated it’s
supposed to just be first thing that
popped in your head go 142 characters or
whatever it is and you think that’s why
because every kind of industry adopts a
different social media platform that’s
like the mean for that industry you
would you say crypto is twitter twitter
is for crypto yeah I mean I think I
think crypto Twitter is a very unique
special place and it is definitely part
of what makes blockchain and crypto
culture what it is I mean it was crypto
you could had a great tweet today I wish
I could remember it word for word but it
like just
paraphrasing it was something like like
crypto is for people who like to suffer
crypto Twitter’s for people who like to
suffer together yeah it’s just like it’s
just it is a family like it’s it’s a
very eclectic group of people with
unique thoughts and opinions but it very
much so shapes I mean it is the thought
leader yeah what the space is someone
who was a few months ago trying to
figure out crypto and like trying to
learn a little bit about it I tried to
go on Instagram because that’s my you
know platform of choice number one and
there there’s just not much there
there’s just really nothing there and
you have to go to Twitter to see where
all the people in crypto are talking
yeah they’re not posting on Instagram
yeah they’re not that’s why I’m making
YouTube videos really ya know that’s
where the conversation really also
before today sorry to interrupt you for
a brand also especially brands that have
sort of limited resources Twitter is the
easiest to create content quickly it’s
basically like telling a text message
it’s it’s it’s so easy you can get in
front of thousands of people just like
that so for that reason on top of the
fact that everyone encrypt those on
Twitter I definitely I definitely push
the first social media account I would
set up if you’re a crypto ran is Twitter
yeah absolutely that’s where everyone is
that’s where the active conversation is
and like you said that’s where you have
an opportunity to make your voice known
talk about who you are what you think
what your opinion is what your take on
the news is what your take on each
project is like just kind of make your
stamp make your mark of who you are
within this industry yeah as a
journalism like perspective you know we
learn the number one most important
thing you do when you’re writing a story
is your first sentence first paragraph
first impression yeah it’s basically you
sum up exactly what happened the most
important point of your story in the
first sentence / paragraph and that’s
essentially what Twitter is is it’s the
first sentence it’s the lead for any
anything really so as a company when
you’re really seeing press releases and
stuff like that why make it longer why
someone when you can just put it out on
Twitter yeah make it concise you know
say your point and it’s there for
millions to see yeah it’s so much crash
logged post or something like that in
terms of the numbers 6% of coin bounce
traffic comes from social media and of
that 74% is Twitter so if you want to
compare the importance of which social
media channel you should be on that that
should definitely be a stat you should
know keep in mind that’s really like
crypto Twitter it like that is the
heartbeat of the culture yeah what
crypto is so I just feel like in order
to market any product sell any product
or engage with any community you have to
really understand the community and the
culture and I and I guess that’s the
other thing
crypto is very community-based industry
every you know blockchain projects in
general are very volunteer driven
community driven cause driven mission
driven and I think Twitter is one of the
best places where you can kind of say
who you are say what your mission is and
say it often which are the three keys
and marketing and you know Twitter is
the perfect platform to make that
message clear and communicate it with
the most highly engaged people within
the industry which hopefully would then
you know champion your cause in terms of
sort of the two do’s and what not to do
is on Twitter do you do you have
anything no as far as my opinion like
the to Do’s RB is real authentic and
honest as you can say exactly what you
believe in and why don’t be afraid to be
controversial don’t be afraid to you
know get into it with people I mean I’m
not a big like because there’s two kind
of ways people use Twitter a lot of
brands use it as just like a general
support like customer service kind of so
and you know another way for support
tickets and things like that which is
fine like it’s a great way for like
instant communication like for example
with what you have with the bank issues
the other day they got back to you
because they can see oh yeah in
real-time over Twitter they use it as
okay we’ve got to support complain here
how can we alleviate this faster you
know and there are uses for it and that
but I really like it in the sense of
just like real-time interaction and it
gives you a better like it’s real-time
feedback on your products and services
immediately you know yeah
you put a video out there that you
thought was a great video Twitter will
tell you immediately yes yes lately
you’ll know okay that was not a good
video I’m doing something different next
time or this was a great one I’m doing
something more like that next time in
the future so I think instant feedback
is one of the one of the most beautiful
things about Twitter from a marketer’s
yeah also it’s so easy the I mean I
can’t think of any other platform that
it’s so easy to contact someone who’s so
much more influential than you or
something like that so it’s so easy to
just comment on you know whatever a
tweet yeah and turn that into a
conversation that you weren’t having
before it’s turning into a connection
you didn’t have before I mean the I sure
hero of Gary Vee always says it’s like
the what it’s the only thing left that’s
like the watercooler of today but more
or less it’s everybody that’s and it’s
very true especially for a crypto it’s
like it’s it’s the watercooler of crypto
whatever happened today everybody’s
standing around the water cooler talking
about it and like twitter is the only
place where it’s real authentic just
anybody can say whatever and at any
point you can walk up to anybody in any
industry and leave your two cents on
what you think it is that they’re
talking about yeah if we’re talking
about what not to do is buying followers
is definitely what not to do and any
engagement across any platform yeah I
mean in general that that’s the theme
especially with sort of the app the the
more like programmatic way of boosting
engagement because people know yeah
not only do people know but Twitter
knows well yeah everybody knows yeah and
and that’s it like you both say people
know and the algorithm knows so
basically what happens is when you buy
stuff it shows and it it doesn’t it’s
not a good use of your friends you’re
better to be honest if you’re interested
in buying likes and follows you’re much
better off taking that same money and
boosting your own content yeah Twitter
ads to get real more engaged followers
that are interested in what you’re
talking about if what you’re talking
about is actually valuable then you are
buying fake likes fake followers of the
yoke engagement or just you know work on
making better
contact ya just make good real stuff
they advise value in the community and
people it’s not that expensive either –
I mean to buy followers if you’re gonna
buy it from like a click farm type thing
it’s super super cheap but in terms of
actually doing it the correct way and
paying for Twitter ads which is what
Twitter wants you to do and getting
followers that way it’s it’s not that
much more expensive it’s it’s it’s just
more accurate if you if and they’re real
people that’s what I was gonna say
basically you’re what you’re doing is
you’re paying to get your content in
front of real people so if your content
you’re not gonna get more light if your
content is good you are gonna grow ya
the alternatives if you just buy the
likes you’re gonna get 2 likes either
way they’re not gonna do you any good so
all it does is just Pat your own ego and
it’s yeah you’re not moving in the
direction you really want to move also
engaging which will segue back into the
question of do’s is engage on Twitter
it’s definitely crypto Twitter it
surprises me how much like big people in
crypto engage with me and I don’t have
that many followers not yes they do
keilly well oh yeah that’s that’s not me
maybe but yeah I mean just talk to
yeah and that’s something you kind of
touched on at the beginning –
engaging directly on Twitter now whether
it’s through comments so yeah if you’re
trying to grow your Twitter presence one
of the best ways you can do that is
figure out the top people in your
industry and go put turn on post
notifications for them and go comment
immediately on every single one of their
posts as soon as they do it and they’ll
start to engage back and as soon as they
do they’ll like your post and then your
comment will be one of the top comments
that shows up on it one of the top
commented threads and then other people
will follow you from that the first
thing I do is when I find tweets that I
like I look at the comments I find a
funny comment like I like it exactly
yeah and then what happens is if all
that stuff ties back together but then
like you were saying – on the direct
messages that’s another that’s a huge
point that people leave out is you can
literally direct message huge people in
massive industries and be talking
directly to people and everybody just
assumes like oh no like they won’t
respond but if you reach out to them
you’d be specifically
a crypto like this is a it’s a huge
point that I feel like has lost on a lot
of people like you’re never gonna be at
this point in time in 2019 even in 2019
like you a lot of people feel like we’re
late to the game in crypto but even
right now where this industry is you’re
never gonna be in an industry where the
community is this small in an industry
that’s gonna be that big like this is
talk this is still the internet or you
know tech back in nineteen ninety two
ninety four so you are still walking up
to and talking to the air like I can
still have walked up and had a
conversation with the Erik Voorhees with
a Charlie Shrem with a Brock you know
like some of these huge people that are
gonna be titans of a massive industry in
the future
they will respond to your direct message
on Twitter you’ll be surprised if you if
you have something decent to say I guess
but alright so general consensus you
need Twitter and you need to use Twitter
to mean yeah for any industry but
especially crypto right Twitter is the
most authentic social media platform
left in existence and it’s critical if
you’re ready if you wanted to target
basically anybody under the age of 30
yes you want to be on Twitter or tik-tok
well but that’s another discussion for
another time yeah there’s a blender here
all right yeah all ended here in terms
of our social media or our Twitter
handles you are young dumb crypto @cj
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