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Hey guys today, I will show how does a Ledge earn an OS protect your private keys from theft
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How does security work number one ledger doesn’t know your private keys
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Ledger is a decentralized wallet. You generate the key stored within the ledger wallet during an initialization procedure
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We never even get the chance to make a copy of your private keys
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Number two. No one can access your secrets your
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Private keys are held in a chip. They never leave it
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Transaction is signed inside the secure element and the private keys are not even visible by the computer. The ledger wallet is connected to
number three
personal pin code
Every time you connect the ledger wallet in the USB port of your computer. You need to enter a pin code
Fail to enter the proper pin code three times and the ledger wallet is reset erasing its entire contents
number four – FA verification
Every time you want to authenticate a transaction a second verification is made
With a nano or an HW point one
You need to enter a code stored on a separate offline card providing an additional offline security mechanism for the ledger
With nano s and blue your manual consent is required on your device screen to sign the transaction
number five
During the initialization process of the ledger wallet a passphrase is generated and given to you a sequence of 24 random words
This passphrase allows you to retrieve your bitcoins
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