Cao Caoís faction resource is credibility, as the grand manipulator of the time, this will aid you in your diplomatic relations with other factions. Hovering over the Credibility symbol under your faction leader will show you how much Credibility you have. Credibility allows you to use a special Diplomatic Treaty option called Manipulate. This is display in the Diplomacy screen. You can choose to either negatively or positively impact a factionsí opinion of another, targeted faction Credibility also allows you to trigger a proxy war between two factions without you becoming directly involved, weakening them for your conquest. How you use credibility will depend on your campaign. It can be used to strengthen shaky alliances, or instigate your opponents to fight each other. Credibility increases over time, but its growth is determined on your current prestige level. As you rank up your faction, your credibility will replenish faster, allowing you to manipulate your way to the Emperor of China. If you get lost, press F1 for a quick summary of Credibility. Have another question that isnít covered in this video? Browse the other videos on Total War Academy!