Yuan Shuís faction resource is Legitamcy. Securing your legitimacy for the position of Emperor of China is done through both your faction rank, and your diplomatic relations such as your vassals. Legitimacy is increased through a special Diplomatic Treaty option demanding the support of your legitimacy from the targeted faction, granting you additional legitimacy per turn, for every faction that agrees to acknowledge your claim as emperor. As your legitimacy increases all the way to Revered, you will gain a massive prestige, public order, and income bonus, but suffer a diplomatic relations penalty – making it harder to secure further legitimacy. You will either have to convince others to accept your legitimacy via payments or gifts in diplomacy, or gain enough power to increase your vassalages, granting you Legitimacy per turn automatically. Lastly, you can use Legitimacy as a currency to recruit new characters to your faction. In addition, it can be used on special assignments and powerful buildings. If you get lost, press F1 to bring up a summary of Legitimacy. Have another question that isnít covered in this video? Browse the other videos on Total War Academy!