Gonubie, South Africa JEFFREY: Hey, Steve. STEVEN: Can I help you find something? How is your day? Could I also have a
Curry Steak Pie as well? So I owe you 53
South African Rand? So what’s that in PIVX? It’s 1.246. 1.246? Perfect.
Ready to go, here? I’m going to show people how fast this is. So all I do is scan your QR Code. 1.246, right? Perfect. SEND 9 8 Do you need that? 7 Nope. 6 5 4 And… 3 2 1 That’s it!
There you go. Cut. Cool. CRYPTOPHAROH: Perfect. That’s it. First ever PIVX transaction in South Africa. I just wanted to say thank you to Steven
and his store Trophy Pies for accepting it. And that’s it. Keep it Purple, People. PRIVATE FAST SECURE REWARDS COMMUNITY PIVX If you are a merchant looking to accept
PIVX contact us at [email protected] or Visit our website at