CryptoSlo with more crypto gains
what’s going on guys as you see by the
title of today’s video how did I get
started well you know no in my community
I like to give back to my community so
they know who I am what I stand for
where I started and you know how like I
came to be you know you listen to me
every day and you know I like to get to
know you guys and I like to give you a
little information about myself early on
you know not much interest like not too
much interesting stuff there you know
I’ve always been a creator a builder I
love building things I’ve got a
bachelor’s degree in engineering and a
master’s degree in information systems
that’s kind of my formal education then
moving on to how I got started on
YouTube well it was pretty is pretty
like unattended actually so I’ve got a
BMW and I changed the brakes on it and
the stupid brake light stayed on and I
couldn’t get it to turn off and so I sat
don’t with that thing forever and I
finally figured out how to turn the
light off and I was like you know what
this would be really good information to
get out on youtube so i made a shaky
video of me doing the process of
resetting a light
on a BMW you know I’ve probably saved
people hundreds of thousands of dollars
in dealership costs not having to go to
the dealer to get the stupid light
turned on you know and that makes me
happy to know that I was helping people
well I threw that video up there you
know it started getting heads and I
didn’t realize I could have been getting
paid for all those heads so like just by
chance I figured it out and I had enough
views and I turned on monetization well
YouTube sent me a back payment they sent
me like three hundred dollars and I was
like holy crap three hundred dollars
and I was just like I wonder if it’s
gonna be like this everyone well of
course it’s not gonna be like that every
you know I got that out there and then I
threw up a couple more videos and the
origin of of this channel was really
kind of focused on how to stuff you know
that’s what I have fun doing you know
because I feel like that helps the
greatest amount of audience well then I
figured out that you know what this
account is undermine my master name on
Google I was like they got these things
called brand accounts how Cyclone me
create some brands so then I created a
couple other different channels blender
a couple other things excel ninja I’m
totally into Microsoft Excel and then I
kind of like refocused and I was like
how to channel how he do it I was like
genius so I created a brand channel
called how he do it moved all my
subscribers and videos over to
and I started you know making videos I
was gonna get Camtasia and I was like I
mean it’s expensive it’s 200 bucks but
I’ll tell you I got my money’s worth
outta Camtasia
I still use Camtasia maybe later on as
my channel grows I’ll consider you know
upgrading but for now it’s like you know
for getting the content out there I
really don’t feel like I need to upgrade
to like Adobe or anything like that so
yeah so anyways it was about late 2017
you know at this point my channel has
three four hundred subscribers well
Bitcoin kind of comes on a radar which
was odd because being in a tech world
and computers and stuff you know I’m
surprised that I never really pursued or
looked at it it just didn’t pop up on my
radar and I was around during the
Internet boom later on and it’s just
like I just totally missed it missed it
when I was right in front of me it kind
of had been justified
and you know and then the next thing I
know it we’re looking up miners and that
my friends are talking about a man this
Bitcoin thing is going up I was like we
could all go in on a minor together
well we end up in micro Center you know
my one buddy spent like 30 grand on
video cards you know it started off
innocently enough with a triple system
of 1080 eyes me personally I was like I
got one ten and a GI and built a rise in
setup and my concept was I was going to
do it too you know to just see what it
would do well it was a lot harder
learning how to mine I was like there’s
a lot of startup stuff you know this is
this is before everything was so
organized in the market efficiency of my
knee really existed you know what the
big point talk announcement
so you know now you have reddit telegram
this that YouTube I mean it’s like my
new coin launches in ten seconds
the difficulty is off the charts so you
know and then also go this is pretty
solid so maybe I’ll get a second card so
I got a second card and then this is
around the time
Raven launched like I got into Raven
around the second week of Raven and you
know that’s what all my friends and I
were mining
so from there I kind of started I was
like you know this is really good stuff
I can make Instructables on my youtube
channel on how to do this well all of a
sudden with the big coin interest my
subscribers shot up to over a thousand
and I was like this is insane you know
and by this time Bitcoin was you know
ten twelve thousand it was right after
Thanksgiving things are just going nuts
so I bought about four cards you know so
I had four cards and it was still I was
mining Raven but then you know we got on
all these tangents with pigeon and this
and that dojin and I did mine didja bite
and hurt you know before they just got
totally killed by the a6 which i think
is bad that’s another that’s another
topic that’s all part of the reason I
think the prices on those points are so
depressed is is all the ASIC but you
know that’s another story
so yeah some minor Raven verge ditch by
making all these videos and just slowly
grinding away you know all the big
connect crap that went down
you know like my buddies at work any
coin you bought it didn’t matter what it
was it was going up it was shit coins
like dental only this coin at that coin
everything was going up in you know
Virge Virge surged I forget what it
wasn’t 21 says Tron went to 30 cents my
friend turned like ten dollars into a
thousand dollars like it was just sanity
and then you know we had kind of that
turning point or Bitcoin started to go
down in connect crashed a lot of other
like Ponzi type things were exposed and
then basically we had the start of the
crypto winter and literally for one year
for over a year the price on all crypto
has done nothing but steadily trend down
and you know it’s been a rough year it’s
been a rough year because you know as a
YouTube creator I started my channel
there’s a lot of channels in crypto that
started you know I don’t know
earlier in 17th and those people are
sitting up like 1020 thousand subs you
know and I’m sitting here Brian and when
I got like 500 videos I had tons of
instructable stuff like really good
content really good content from people
that are new to crypto but I was kind of
late to the party so that’s kind of why
I have to work two or three times as
hard as other channels to get to get the
same views and get the same message and
to get my message out to you guys you
know because I started started a little
late you know I really tried my best
like if there’s big news and crypto to
get anchor tags on things to get it out
there so that I can help as many people
as possible
oh and then also on another side note I
created crypto slow so there’s actually
you probably but not everyone knows that
but I have how he do it and I’m from
dough slow and how we do it and I also
have a dedicated crypto slow Channel
well the dedicated crypto slow channel
only has about 250 subs right now it’s
slowly grown so the crypto slow Channel
is 100% dedicated to crypto only whereas
how he do it is crypto cars in common
sense so it’s a mix of the all because I
didn’t want to lose my how you do it
brand because you know I like making
videos that help people and that’s not
just limited to crypto you know I love
cars and you know I love cars and common
sense too you know but yeah so the
crypto slow channel still exists but
obviously it’s not it’s not monetized oh
we got a good tunnel coming up you guys
ready for this hold on a second this is
one of my wants already all right here
we go
yeah anyways it’s a good thing I don’t
have an m5 yet probably crashed into a
wall so yeah so then we’ve adored this
crypto winner and you know what I’ve
continued to grind along and you know I
know a lot of channels a lot of the
channels fade in or change and you know
I just kept going during the entire
crypto winter I’m a kept making content
and you know at times it’s tough because
Kryptos just going down it was just like
what is there to talk about you know I
was heavily involved in the Raven
community a lot during the during the
crypto winter and yeah so then kind of
the smart contract points came out Tron
and such and you know that definitely
helped towards the tail end because
there’s a lot to talk about with dabs
there’s always something going on with
abs I mean it’s never it’s never a dry a
dry subject with ABS so coming up to
today I have my own cryptocurrency
crypto slow which is the first crypto
to support my youtube channel so we buy
crypto so it helps me
being able to keep the lights on and you
know it’s kind of like my patreon
version of you know of my channel I got
my be logging which are some logging
right now I’ve got my Sunday show and
I’ve started doing some live streams and
then I
normal instructable random videos that
just drop here and there so you can see
I’ve been busting my tail to be a
creator and influencer in the crypto
space and on YouTube because I love it I
love it I love it I love interacting
with you guys you know I try to I try to
post comments reply to comments as often
as I can reply on Twitter you know
I love you guys man and you know we’re
still trending up and ultimately my goal
is most definitely 100,000 subs and I
really don’t see a reason why I can’t
get there
I really haven’t defined a timeline for
that yet I know I have my five thousand
sub giveaway we’re racing to five
thousand subs
so that is one of my current giveaways
and I’ve got a super surprise giveaway
coming up very soon and I will let you
guys know what that is and it will
involve the crypto in an adoption of it
so anyways that is pretty much the story
so you know as of today I’m sitting at
about 4,000 subs and
about four thousand subs getting close
to it and still growing and I’m
continuing to make plans and figure out
how to grow my community on YouTube and
obviously I’m dedicating a lot of time I
mean I’m probably putting I’m putting a
solid I have my normal job of 50 hours a
week and I am putting at least 15 to 20
hours in on my channel right now and
then at like I said as the economics of
it become better I will continue to
increase that value so yeah so that is
me put those slow and I appreciate you
watching and I appreciate you you have a
great day this is CryptoSlo, if your not talking gains then were not talkin